amber lily

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Noun1.amber lily - plant having basal grasslike leaves and a narrow open cluster of starlike yellowish-orange flowers atop a leafless stalk; southwestern United States; only species of Anthericum growing in North America
liliaceous plant - plant growing from a bulb or corm or rhizome or tuber
Anthericum, genus Anthericum - genus of Old World (mainly African) perennial herbs; sometimes placed in family Asphodelaceae
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The scrimping, saving and 12hour working days paid off and Matt, now a family man with a seven-month-old daughter Amber Lily, employs 38 people with 15 more expected to join his company in the coming yea r.
Now Matt, who lives in London with wife Helen and five-month-old daughter Amber Lily, has divulged some of his star diet secrets to help YOU get into shape for summer.
Leominster trainer Richard Price has his team in cracking form and completed a double with Hennerwood Oak and Amber Lily to make it four wins in the past fortnight.