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n. pl. amberjack or am·ber·jacks
Any of various food and game fishes of the genus Seriola, found in temperate and tropical marine waters.

[amber + jack, a fish.]


(Animals) any of several large carangid fishes of the genus Seriola, esp S. dumerili, with golden markings when young, occurring in tropical and subtropical Atlantic waters
[C19: from amber + jack1]


(ˈæm bərˌdʒæk)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -jack, (esp. for kinds or species) -jacks.
any of several yellow to coppery carangid fishes of the genus Seriola, as S. dumerili of warm Atlantic waters.
[1890–95; amber (color) + jack (the fish)]
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Noun1.amberjack - any of several amber to coppery fork-tailed warm-water carangid fishes
jack - any of several fast-swimming predacious fishes of tropical to warm temperate seas
genus Seriola, Seriola - a genus of Carangidae
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Lucy Banks; THE HANGED MAN AND THE FORTUNE TELLER; Amberjack Publishing (Fiction: Mystery) 24.99 ISBN: 9781948705547
Amberjack Pipeline Company LLC is a joint venture between Chevron Pipe Line Company and Shell Pipeline Company LP.
Shell Midstream announced Amberjack Pipeline, a joint venture between Shell Midstream and Chevron CVX) Pipe Line, received the first crude oil barrels of throughput from Chevron U.S.A.'s operated Big Foot platform on November 21.
He followed this with a sashimi rainbow of tuna, salmon and amberjack.
On the first day of the promotion last Wednesday, the chef prepared a kaiseki (multicourse) dinner that opened with Torched Squid, local squid with grilled eggplant and seaweed jelly; and Sashimi Rainbow, three kinds of fish (salmon, tuna and amberjack).
Talos halted output at its Ram Powell, Amberjack and Pompano platforms, Exxon its Lena platform and Chevron Corp curtailed its Petronius platform.
THE ART OF ESCAPING By Erin Callahan Amberjack $12.99, 324 pages ISBN 9781944995652 eBook available Ages 14 and up
While the troops were filling their boots, I gambled on jigging a pirk, hoping for a grouper or amberjack like the one they had the day before.
BOCA KITCHEN/BAR/MARKETs lavish smoked fish dip platter starts with a luxurious dip made with a combination amberjack, wahoo and mahi-mahi fish, served with fresh lavash bread given a hint of brine with Old Bay seasoning.
Greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili) is evolutionally closely related to yellowtail and is more widely distributed in tropical and temperate waters than yellowtail.
The proposed 'Al Sahwa' mariculture project centres on the cultivation of amberjack fish, a high-value sashimi-grade product coveted in Japan and the Far East, a report in the Oman Daily Observer said.
It will be a hit with anglers who enjoy targeting the toughest fish such as kingfish, GTs, samson fish, amberjack and dogtooth tuna, or any angler simply looking for a reel that will last longer and fight harder.