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1. Full of, characterized by, or motivated by ambition.
2. Greatly desirous; eager: "I am not ambitious of ridicule" (Edmund Burke).
3. Requiring or showing much effort; challenging: an ambitious schedule.

am·bi′tious·ly adv.
am·bi′tious·ness n.
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Noun1.ambitiousness - a strong drive for successambitiousness - a strong drive for success    
drive - the trait of being highly motivated; "his drive and energy exhausted his co-workers"
aspiration - a will to succeed
power hunger, status seeking - a drive to acquire power


A strong desire to achieve something:


n (of person)Ehrgeiz m; (of idea, undertaking)Kühnheit f


(ӕmˈbiʃən) noun
1. the desire for success, fame, power etc. He is full of ambition and energy.
2. the desire eventually to become or do something special. His ambition is to be Prime Minister.
amˈbitious adjective
He is very ambitious; That plan is too ambitious.
amˈbitiously adverb
amˈbitiousness noun
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The recently concluded agreement on the resolution of conflict in South Sudan is widely criticized of its ambitiousness in every thematic area and will likely be problematic in its implementation.
That ambitiousness was risky and bold, and it had downsides (read on).
Bearing in mind the ambitiousness of the dam project, Belhaj was keen to seek assurances from Lebanese officials that the plan enjoyed broad support to quell concerns among the bank's authorizing board that the country lacked political will.
The impressive trajectory of China's comprehensive national power could furnish Beijing options comparable in ambitiousness to the Anglo-American model of sea power, options of which French and Soviet strategists could only have dreamed.
Projects are evaluated on a number of criteria including: the project scope/ ambitiousness, creative application of technologies/ solutions/ services, and the extent of the business impact/ results.
The second relates to ambitiousness and is expressed through words such as "education," "challenge," "success," and "high level.
What was most impressive, after the sheer ambitiousness of the main work, was the formal and intellectual coherence of Rudquist's art as she moved between functional and nonfunctional, pedestal and wall, individual and multi-element works.
Submissions, evaluated by the Supply & Demand Chain Executive editorial staff, were based on the ambitiousness and scope of the project, creative application of technologies, solutions and services used, and extent of the business results and impact, as well as the clarity of submission.
The ambitiousness and far-reaching goals of the potential project has also shortlisted the institution, the Tonga High School, among one of the finalists for the upcoming Zayed Future Energy Prize.
The 74-year-old former head of Cardiff University's School of Architecture said this acts as a drag on the ambitiousness of domestic Welsh architecture.
5) Measuring progress in peacebuilding logically flows from these concepts and the ambitiousness of their goals.
Doris Kern Goodwin's book, Team of Rivals, makes evident the enormous political ambitiousness of Chase's competitors: William Seward, Edward Bates, and Abraham Lincoln himself.