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1. Full of, characterized by, or motivated by ambition.
2. Greatly desirous; eager: "I am not ambitious of ridicule" (Edmund Burke).
3. Requiring or showing much effort; challenging: an ambitious schedule.

am·bi′tious·ly adv.
am·bi′tious·ness n.
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Noun1.ambitiousness - a strong drive for successambitiousness - a strong drive for success    
drive - the trait of being highly motivated; "his drive and energy exhausted his co-workers"
aspiration - a will to succeed
power hunger, status seeking - a drive to acquire power


A strong desire to achieve something:


n (of person)Ehrgeiz m; (of idea, undertaking)Kühnheit f


(ӕmˈbiʃən) noun
1. the desire for success, fame, power etc. He is full of ambition and energy.
2. the desire eventually to become or do something special. His ambition is to be Prime Minister.
amˈbitious adjective
He is very ambitious; That plan is too ambitious.
amˈbitiously adverb
amˈbitiousness noun
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They have the ambitiousness of 60's rock stalwarts such as Canned Heat and The Band, and the immediacy of more recent indiefolk acts, pushing the genre into a more modern sound.
Moreover, Indian continuous ambitiousness in the space is eliminating its rhetoric for utilizing space capabilities as a gift.
The most plausible wiggle room lies in the ambitiousness of the criteria that would trigger action.
Although its ambitiousness and potential value have inspired many school-based practitioners to work very hard to make it a success, its complexity has often been challenging and not infrequently confounding and frustrating.
Pride," the total of the preceding virtues, can be thought of as "moral ambitiousness.
The aim of this comparative study is to explain variation in the ambitiousness of policy targets and the successful implementation of urban food policies in the cities of Zurich, Munich and Nuremberg.
Submissions were evaluated based on their ambitiousness and scope, creative application of technologies, solutions and services used, and the extent of the business results and impact.
The ambitiousness of the project proves that, by involving the private sector, it is possible to embark on the construction of large-scale, nationally important infrastructure.
This ambitiousness may lead some people to go against their instinct".
It all forces me to deal with this poet freshly once more, to reencounter the ambitiousness, and to struggle to identify the existential wound that the poems arise from; I feel forced to ask myself certain questions as a person and poet.
I therefore have decided to join the Unit so as to specialise in Malaria and Mosquito control only as my career; besides academic ambitiousness.
7) As his films have grown in size and scope, he's continued to redefine his ambitiousness.