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It was found that 30 percent of individuals were primarily viewed by their spouses as "positive" and 70 percent were primarily viewed with an even mix of positive and negative feelings, which the researchers termed ambivalent.
The Ambivalent Memoirist: Obsessions Digressions Epiphanies
He criticised Washington's ambivalent and opaque stances regarding the events unfolding in Egypt.
Roger Varian seems to have his string warmed up for June each year and he looks to hold big chances of adding to that with Eton Forever and Ambivalent on Merseyside this afternoon.
These two declarations represent two ambivalent desires.
AMBIVALENT has a bit to find on the ratings in the DFS Park Hill Stakes at Doncaster, but she should be game for the challenge in the Group Two.
AMBIVALENT stepped up to the plate and delivered on her promise when landing the EBF Chalice Stakes at a sun-drenched Newbury.
A story of ambivalent modernization in Bangladesh and West Bengal; the rise and fall of Bengali elitism in South Asia.
Several studies indicate that dichotomous measures of intention do not capture the experiences of the large portion of women who are ambivalent about becoming pregnant.
Among respondents who experience very high, high and lowered levels of SoL, 100% affirm their life whereas among respondents (24%) whose SoL level is low (up to 100 points), 61% affirm life highly, 30% have an ambivalent attitude toward it and 9% have a negative attitude (Fig.
I grew up in Caerphilly in a family who thought voting Labour and being Welsh was the natural state of affairs, though we were aware that some elements in the party were, to say the least, ambivalent to things Welsh.
Canada and the United States: Ambivalent Allies, 4th Edition