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A personality trait including the qualities of both introversion and extroversion.

am′bi·vert′ (-vûrt′) n.


(Psychology) psychol a person who is intermediate between an extrovert and an introvert
ambiversion n
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I am an ambivert, equal parts extrovert and introvert.
An ambivert is someone who is smack in the middle of the introvert/extrovert spectrum.
The ambivert participants were excluded from this experiment.
The ambivert advantage stems from the tendency to be assertive and enthusiastic enough to persuade and close, but at the same time, listening carefully to customers and avoiding the appearance of being overly confident or excited," Grant explains.
No matter how much it hurts, my goal is to be an ambivert.
gt; Know whether you are more of an introvert, extrovert or ambivert and recharge your energy accordingly.
Forget introverts versus extrovert, ambiverts might have an edge in business.