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intr.v. am·bled, am·bling, am·bles
1. To walk slowly or leisurely; stroll.
2. To move along at an easy gait by using both legs on one side alternately with both on the other. Used of a horse.
1. An unhurried or leisurely walk.
2. An easy gait, especially that of a horse.

[Middle English amblen, from Old French ambler, from Latin ambulāre, to walk.]

am′bler n.


 (ăm′blər), Eric 1909-1998.
British writer noted for his suspense novels, including Passage of Arms (1959).


(Biography) Eric. 1909–1998, English novelist. His thrillers include The Mask of Dimitrios (1939), Journey into Fear (1940), A Kind of Anger (1964), and Doctor Frigo (1974)


(ˈæm blər)

Eric, 1909–98, English suspense novelist.
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Noun1.Ambler - someone who walks at a leisurely paceambler - someone who walks at a leisurely pace
pedestrian, footer, walker - a person who travels by foot
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On the march from Vyazma to Tsarevo-Zaymishche he rode his light bay bobtailed ambler accompanied by his Guards, his bodyguard, his pages, and aides-de-camp.
And then the captive at the piano played another 'set,' expressive of his mournful aspirations after freedom, and other sixteen went through the former melancholy motions, and the ambler took Miss Podsnap for a furniture walk, as if he had struck out an entirely original conception.
Simultaneously with this quenching of the meek man's ineffectual fire; Georgiana having left the ambler up a lane of sofa, in a No Thoroughfare of back drawing-room, to find his own way out, came back to Mrs Lammle.
"For going smoothly and easily," said Sancho at this, "give me my Dapple, though he can't go through the air; but on the ground I'll back him against all the amblers in the world."
ENPNewswire-August 27, 2019--Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental and Economic Analysis filed for the Ambler Road
Trilogy Metals has added $2 million to its previously announced $16.2 million 2019 programs and budgets, increasing the exploration budget at its Upper Kobuk mineral projects in the Ambler mining district of northwest Alaska to $18.2 million.
Here Ambler Primary School and Children's Centre, Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2DR, is put into focus to show its scores in relation to other schools in the area.
(prevailing time) on the 14th day of august, 2018, at ambler borough hall.
Lewis Ambler followed his ex-girlfriend up a street in Sunderland before taking her by surprise and attacking her from behind.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 1, 2017-Pernod Ricard North America Closes Acquisition of Majority Stake in West Virginia Distiller Smooth Ambler
Edward Alan Ambler, P.E., LEED AP, formerly Water Resources Manager for the city of Casselberry, FL, has launched a specialty consulting trenchless technology engineering firm.