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 (ăm-brō′zhə, -zhē-ə)
1. Greek & Roman Mythology The food of the gods, thought to confer immortality.
2. Something with an especially delicious flavor or fragrance.
3. A dessert of mixed fruits, usually including oranges and pineapple, combined with flaked coconut and often marshmallows.

[Latin, from Greek ambrosiā, from ambrotos, immortal, immortalizing; see mer- in Indo-European roots.]

am·bro′sial (ăm-brō′zhəl, -zhē-əl) adj.
am·bro′sial·ly adv.
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Adj.1.ambrosial - extremely pleasing to the tasteambrosial - extremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant; "a nectarous drink"; "ambrosial food"
tasty - pleasing to the sense of taste; "a tasty morsel"
2.ambrosial - worthy of the godsambrosial - worthy of the gods      
heavenly - of or belonging to heaven or god
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Highly pleasing, especially to the sense of taste:
Slang: yummy.
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He walked along the street without looking where he put his feet; and he walked in a direction which would not bring him to the place of appointment with another lady (an elderly nursery governess putting her trust in an Apollo-like ambrosial head).
Already he bowed his broad shoulders, his head of ambrosial locks, as if ready to receive the leather yoke of the sandwich board.
Suppose he should relent And publish Grace to all, on promise made Of new Subjection; with what eyes could we Stand in his presence humble, and receive Strict Laws impos'd, to celebrate his Throne With warbl'd Hymns, and to his Godhead sing Forc't Halleluiah's; while he Lordly sits Our envied Sovran, and his Altar breathes Ambrosial Odours and Ambrosial Flowers, Our servile offerings.
She washed her face with the ambrosial loveliness that Venus wears when she goes dancing with the Graces; she made her taller and of a more commanding figure, while as for her complexion it was whiter than sawn ivory.
As he spoke the son of Saturn bowed his dark brows, and the ambrosial locks swayed on his immortal head, till vast Olympus reeled.
The ambrosial and essential part of the fruit is lost with the bloom which is rubbed off in the market cart, and they become mere provender.
His door was barricaded by a set of ingenious bolts of his own invention, for the sieges were frequent by the neighbours when any unusually ambrosial odour spread itself from the den to the neighbouring studies.
He beamed on her from the drawing-room door-- magnificent, with ambrosial whiskers, like a god.
The ceremony was effective up to a certain point, and would have been wholly so throughout, if Miss Rugg, as she raised her glass to her lips in completion of it, had not happened to look at Young John; when she was again so overcome by the contemptible comicality of his disinterestedness as to splutter some ambrosial drops of rum and water around, and withdraw in confusion.
The captain, in reply, described his niece's anxiety as something--something--something, in short, only to be indicated by shaking his ambrosial curls and waving his jaunty cane.
There was a fluffy and spiced Shakshuka, a tangy fava-ful, ful mudammas, an ambrosial balalit and much more, served with a side of khuboos and vegetable kebabs (also known as, wait for it, pakodas).
[1] The origin of the phonemes, their manifestation, and their number; [2] their planets and elemental seed; [3] their proper and improper usage and the distinction between harsh and pleasing phonemes; [4] precepts about their use and their powers (felicitous and infelicitous); [5] the names of the metremes; [6| their presiding deities, their planets, and their powers; [7] the compatibility and incompatibility of the metremes; [8] their signs according to the sidereal zodiac and tropical zodiac; [9] consideration of the ambrosial periods and the strength of planetary influence; [10) the method of worshipping the Mother deities; and [11] the characteristics of authors, patrons, literary compositions.