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n. pl. am·bries
1. Chiefly British A pantry.
2. A niche or cabinet, usually near the altar of a church, for keeping holy oil or other sacramental materials.

[Middle English almerie, place for safekeeping, from Old French almarie, from Medieval Latin almārium, from Latin armārium, closet, from arma, tools; see arm2.]
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(ˈæmbrɪ) or


n, pl -bries
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a recessed cupboard in the wall of a church near the altar, used to store sacred vessels, etc
2. obsolete a small cupboard or other storage space
[C14: from Old French almarie, from Medieval Latin almārium, from Latin armārium chest for storage, from arma arms]
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(ˈæm bri)

n., pl. -bries.
1. a recess or cupboard in a church for sacred vessels, vestments, etc.
2. Archaic. a closet, cupboard, or pantry.
[1200–1250; < Old French < Medieval Latin almārium, dissimilated variant of armārium < Latin: cupboard =arm(a) weapons, tools + -ārium -ary]
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- Another word for a treasury, storehouse, place to keep things.
See also related terms for storehouse.
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