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1. A sudden attack made from a concealed position.
a. Those hiding in order to attack by surprise: The captain stationed an ambush near the harbor.
b. The hiding place used for such an attack: "Uncle Harm had hunted the way Trapper did—on foot, stalking and laying traps, shooting from ambush" (Rick Bass).
tr.v. am·bushed, am·bush·ing, am·bush·es
To attack from a concealed position.

[Middle English embushen, to place in concealment among bushes, lay in wait, from Old French embuschier, from Frankish *boscu, bush, woods.]

am′bush′er n.
Synonyms: ambush, bushwhack, waylay
These verbs mean to attack suddenly and without warning from a concealed place: guerrillas ambushing a platoon; a patrol bushwhacked by poachers; a truck waylaid by robbers.
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Noun1.ambusher - an attacker who waits in a concealed position to launch a surprise attackambusher - an attacker who waits in a concealed position to launch a surprise attack
aggressor, assailant, assaulter, attacker - someone who attacks
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Among the hunters, the ground runner hunters (77%) and stalker hunters (14%) were predominated, while the foliage runner hunters and ambusher hunters showed abundances lower than 10%.
Who would have thought, when serial ambusher Nicky Hager dumped his Dirty Politics book into the middle of an election campaign, what the results would be.
Machado's Ambusher, which took third place in the 2012 Boats & Blinds contest, is an update on the old wooden coffin box-style blinds.
Can also be noted that the exercises used during the training modules have a Ambusher impact on the ability achieved the legs that "the ability to produce the largest muscle strength in less time after prolong in inverse movement to the basic direction of motion to be implemented Naji happiest, 1999.
It is essential that businesses are aware of what is deemed to be ambushing and what the ramifications will be of being identified as an ambusher.
At the head of the pack is the new 28" Ambusher 28 ($599), which comes with a complete set of draw length modules for its Ambusher Single Cam.
Besides the element of surprise, the ambusher has the luxury of being able to site his own deployments and carefully prepare what is called the " kill zone".
Fourth, he is also a secret ambusher, murdering in secret like a serpent so that whoever is denounced may not know by whom he is denounced, and it pertains to this point because he requires the confidence of silence in order that he may not be revealed.
45) Today, the situation is much-reversed as a result of American air assets: US "soldiers do not have to feel like they are sitting ducks for every ambusher or bombmaker.
Furthermore, there is no clear evidence as to why consumers incorrectly identify sponsors of major events--although it is known that consumers heavily involved in the event stand a greater chance to be confused about who is the sponsor (Walliser, 1994), particularly when the ambusher is a market leader or a highly visible competitor (Lardinois and Quester, 2001).