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also am·oe·bi·a·sis  (ăm′ə-bī′ə-sĭs)
An acute disease caused by ingesting substances contaminated with the amoeba Entamoeba histolytica, typically characterized by diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain, and sometimes affecting organs other than the intestines, such as the liver.
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the usual US spelling of amoebiasis
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(ˌæm əˈbaɪ ə sɪs)

1. infection with a pathogenic ameba.
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Noun1.amebiasis - infection by a disease-causing amebaamebiasis - infection by a disease-causing ameba
amebic dysentery, amoebic dysentery - inflammation of the intestines caused by Endamoeba histolytica; usually acquired by ingesting food or water contaminated with feces; characterized by severe diarrhea
protozoal infection - any infection caused by a protozoan
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n. amebiasis, estado infeccioso causado por amebas.
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n amebiasis or amibiasis f
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Serologic test results were negative for HIV, amebiasis, and echinococcosis, but positive for Yersinia enterocolitica serotype O:9 and Brucella sp.
Amebiasis is a worldwide infectious disease caused by a potent protozoan Entamoeba histolytica.
(2) Coexistent bowel pathologies such as typhoid, amebiasis, intestinal ulcers, and trauma usually provide exit sites for Ascaris.
Modulation of innate immune response by the vagus nerve in experimental hepatic amebiasis in rats.
Pleuro pulmonary manifestations of hepatic amebiasis. West J Med 1990;153(3):275-8.
Amebiasis is one of the main causes of infectious disease in Mexico and African countries.
It should also be noted that the panel consisted of individuals who have largely practiced in North America, where amebiasis is exceptionally rare in childhood.
Following therapy for invasive amebiasis, treatment with a luminal agent (paromomycin, iodoquinol, or nitazoxanide) to eliminate intraluminal cysts is warranted, even if stool microscopy is negative [3].