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Variant of amoebocyte.


(əˈmi bəˌsaɪt)

a cell that has properties resembling those of an ameba.
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Endotoxin was analyzed by means of a limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) assay, and Tween 20 was not used in the assay solution as per recommendations by Spaan et al.
05 eu/ml material of construction quartz chemical constituents of cartridges 1) limulus amebocyte lysate 2) control standard endotoxin (cse) 2) para nitroanilide uv absorption 385nm detectors photocells concentration of cse 10-20 eu/ng assay time 20 minutes pts test cartridges are used to perform the bet assay by kinetic chromogenic method in short lived radioactive radiopharmaceuticals mainly 18f fdg.
A commercially available limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) chromogenic quantification assay (Pierce LAL Chromogenic Endotoxin Quantitation Kit, Pierce Biotechnology, Rockford, IL) was used to determine the bacterial endotoxin concentration in the serum samples.
Third, the fraction of hyalin amebocyte is the lowest among all quantified Styelidae, potentially owing to a faster differentiation into macrophage-like cells.
Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL): The standard in-vitro assay used to test for endotoxin presence, much preferred over the in-vivo rabbit pyrogen test.
The LPS concentrations in the plasma and rumen fluid were determined with Chromogenic endpoint Limulus Amebocyte Lysate assay kits, CE64406 and CE80545 (Chinese Horseshoe Crab Reagent Manufactory Co.
In this report, the pyrogen testing market is categorized into three test segments in vitro pyrogen test, LAL (Limulus amebocyte lysate) test, and rabbit test.
Endotoxin levels in the samples were determined using the key quality characteristics limulus amebocyte lysate.
1989), using reagent kit bought from Xiamen tachypleus amebocyte lysate Co.
bacterial endotoxins test (BET), also known as Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) test] * A statement confirming that endotoxin testing will be conducted on every batch or if not, information regarding the sampling plan used for in-process testing and/or finished product release, as recommended in the FDA guidance "Pyrogen and Endotoxins Testing: Questions and Answers" (see: bit.
A Bacterial Endotoxin Test (BET), also referred to as a limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) test, is a biological assay used to detect and quantify the amount of endotoxin and is typically performed after the device is sterilized.