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tr. & intr.v. a·me·lio·rat·ed, a·me·lio·rat·ing, a·me·lio·rates
To make or become better; improve: Volunteers were able to ameliorate conditions in the refugee camp. Conditions are ameliorating.

[Alteration of meliorate.]

a·mel′io·ra·ble (-rə-bəl) adj.
a·mel′io·ra′tive adj.
a·mel′io·ra′tor n.
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She enables the writer to see women's grotesqueness as an ameliorable circumstance rather than as an absolute condition.
Health literacy is identified as an important and potentially ameliorable factor for improving the quality of care.
Thirty percent of patients had one or more adverse drug events that were considered to be preventable or ameliorable. Another 30% of patients had at least one potential adverse drug event, she said.