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tr. & intr.v. a·me·lio·rat·ed, a·me·lio·rat·ing, a·me·lio·rates
To make or become better; improve: Volunteers were able to ameliorate conditions in the refugee camp. Conditions are ameliorating.

[Alteration of meliorate.]

a·mel′io·ra·ble (-rə-bəl) adj.
a·mel′io·ra′tive adj.
a·mel′io·ra′tor n.
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Adj.1.ameliorating - tending to ameliorateameliorating - tending to ameliorate    
bettering - changing for the better
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Like hundreds of thousands of others, I have worked in other fields, striving to organize the mass of mankind into movements for the purpose of ameliorating its own wretchedness and misery.
The work of ameliorating the conditions of life--the true civilizing process that makes life more and more secure--had gone steadily on to a climax.
It can serve as the key to ameliorating the state of Pakistan's rural population.
SC directs attorney general to convene a meeting and come up with proposals for ameliorating water shortage in capital
In the article titled "Ginkgolide C Suppresses Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes via the AMPK Signaling Pathway" [1] the statement "Ginkgolide C, isolated from Ginkgo biloba leaves, is a flavone reported to have multiple biological functions, from decreased platelet aggregation to ameliorating Alzheimer disease" in the Abstract section should be changed to "Ginkgolide C, isolated from Ginkgo biloba leaves, is a diterpene lactone derivative reported to have multiple biological functions, from decreased platelet aggregation to ameliorating Alzheimer disease."
The PPP Chairman said that such natural devastations inflict worst losses on the people of the affected areas stressing that entire nation should unite and contribute to ameliorating conditions and rehabilitation of displaced people.
The role of nutrition in ameliorating anxiety is discussed.
The GPA has undertaken a number of studies dating back to 2000 where long waves, swell waves and ship movements have been measured and hydro dynamically modelled with a view to ameliorating the problem, improving berth safety and increasing berth availability.
Results, while preliminary, suggest that the K-3 Plus model is an effective way to improve student achievement in high-poverty schools by ameliorating summer learning loss.
ISLAMABAD -- National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) has opened up 153,651 literacy centers nationwide and imparting literacy skills to 3.4 million adults,in an effort for ameliorating Literacy.
The company specifically focuses on products directed toward ameliorating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
During the meeting, President Sleiman reiterated that ratifying the budget aims at ameliorating investment opportunities.