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 (ə-mē′nə-bəl, ə-mĕn′ə-)
a. Willing to accept a suggestion or submit to authority: "a class that is all the more amenable to control for living perpetually under the threat of deportation" (Amitav Ghosh).
b. Ready to consent; agreeable: Are you amenable to a change in schedule?
2. Responsible to higher authority; accountable: amenable to the law. See Synonyms at responsible.
3. Susceptible or open, as to testing or criticism: "The phenomenon of mind ... is much more complex, though also more amenable to scientific investigation, than anyone suspected" (Michael D. Lemonick).

[Probably alteration of Middle English menable, from Old French, from mener, to lead, from Latin mināre, to drive, from minārī, to threaten, from minae, threats; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

a·me′na·bil′i·ty, a·me′na·ble·ness n.
a·me′na·bly adv.
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Noun1.amenability - the trait of being cooperativeamenability - the trait of being cooperative  
tractability, tractableness, flexibility - the trait of being easily persuaded
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The quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others:
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n (= responsiveness: of people) → Zugänglichkeit f; the amenability of these data to the theorydie Möglichkeit, diese Daten in die Theorie einzuordnen
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Proof of Theorem 3, necessity of amenability: Let G be a non-amenable f.g.
Three strengths of the book are (1) its insightful critiques of voluntarism; (2) its articulation of natural law's amenability to a common language for public reasoning and discourse; and (3) its helpful appraisal of natural law's Achilles tendon, that is, its susceptibility to being co-opted by the status quo.
If abortion is made an absolute priority, a difficulty arises "from the fact that changing the status [quo] does not score nearly as high [as other issues] on the scales of urgency, amenability to improvement, or ripeness for intervention" from federal courts (p.
Amenability studies from recent core to assess rock mechanics are underway.
Since then Sohail's enthusiasm and affection towards Al Noor is seen by Pacific Ventures beyond the realm of a mere CSR amenability, Sohail has also been a part of the company's CSR project by associating with a charitable fundraiser for Al Noor where he generously donated all his Being Human apparels to be auctioned off at the Gala Dinner.
Further, the AChBPs amenability to X-ray crystallography has enabled us to provide more than 100 structures of the proteins in complex with numerous peptides, toxins, and therapeutically relevant compounds.
These were, however, balanced against some serious drawbacks: time; amount of sample handling post-PCR; low throughput; poor amenability to automation; and, most critically, risk of amplicon contamination.
Hot melts will also see healthy gains, as their amenability to fast processing speeds will promote opportunities in the packaging market, while their lack of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions will continue to make hot melts an environmentally preferable option.
Both sides expressed guarded amenability to the idea.
She can be a bit handy with her feet, though, and me and the girls here have learned to watch out for that!" Easy Terms's general amenability also comes through on the racecourse.
But a number of stars have already been identified as playing host to rocky planets at a distance not too hot and not too cold for liquid water - the first proxy for amenability to life.
Diplomats clarify to their own governments how a small accommodation to the needs of another nation creates a reciprocal situation, and therefore an atmosphere of amenability conducive to agreement.