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v. a·mend·ed, a·mend·ing, a·mends
1. To change for the better; improve: "The confinement appeared to have had very little effect in amending his conduct" (Horatio Alger).
2. To alter the wording of (a legal document, for example) so as to make more suitable or acceptable. See Synonyms at correct.
3. To enrich (soil), especially by mixing in organic matter or sand.
To better one's conduct; reform.

[Middle English amenden, from Old French amender, from Latin ēmendāre : ē-, ex-, ex- + mendum, fault.]

a·mend′a·ble adj.
a·mend′er n.
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Adj.1.amendable - capable of being corrected by additionsamendable - capable of being corrected by additions; "an amendable flaw"
corrigible - capable of being corrected or set right; "a corrigible defect"; "a corrigible prisoner"
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Collective bargaining agreements in the airline industry do not expire, they become amendable. Once an agreement becomes amendable, that agreement remains in effect until a new agreement is ratified.
Contracts covered by the Act don't expire, but become "amendable." The ABX contract became amendable in 2014, while the Atlas and Southern Air contracts became amendable in 2016.
The airlines' 2,400 Mechanics and Related Employees will immediately be covered by the ratified contract, which will become amendable in April 2024.
If the agreement is approved, the contract will become amendable August 16, 2024.
The sequence of votes will be proposed in an amendable motion tabled by the Prime Minister for debate and vote in the Commons today.
"Second, if the Government has not won a meaningful vote by Tuesday, March 12, then it will - in addition to its obligations to table a neutral amendable motion under Section 13 of the EU Withdrawal Act - table a motion to be voted on by Wednesday, March 13, at the latest, asking this House if it supports leaving the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement and a framework for a future relationship on March 29.
We now all need to hold our nerve to get the changes this house requires and deliver Brexit on time." The main update provided by the prime minister was confirmation that the amendable motion on Brexit to be debated tomorrow will reflect the words of the Brady measure.
February 13 If a deal is still out of reach, the PM will make a statement to Parliament and table amendable motion for debate.
A series of MPs rose to complain that the Government motion should not have been amendable. But Mr Bercow defended his decision saying: "My understanding is the motion is amendable, I'm clear in my mind about that."
The Federal Court today held that the Election Commission's (EC) recommendations for a redelineation exercise in parliamentary and state constituencies were not amendable to judicial review.
The current three-year contract became amendable on Jan.