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Noun1.amenia - absence or suppression of normal menstrual flow
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
primary amenorrhea - delay of menarche beyond age 18
secondary amenorrhea - cessation of menstruation in a woman who had previously menstruated
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When questioned, a renowned surgeon admitted that bone marrow can be extracted from the backbone to transplant it for curing Aplaspic Amenia.
Dewey and his wife, Jane, of Worcester, MA; goddaughter Anne Dealy of Amenia, NY; and many nieces and nephews.
"Amenia [fellow protester] was being threatened that she was going to be stoned to death.
Within the medical field hypnosis has been utilized adjunctively to treat pain associated with psychiatric disorders (Werner, 1984; Murray Jobsis, 1991) cancer (Gardner 1976; Simonton et al., 1978; Dash 1980; Hilgard & LeBaron, 1982; Hockenberry-Eaton & Cotanch, 1989), sickle cell amenia (Zelter, et al., 1979), surgical procedures (Densen, 1971; Jones, 1977; Ewin, 1986; Blankfield, 1991), in lieu of anaesthesia (Gravits, 1988; Esdaile, 1957), migraine headaches (Mime, 1983), gastrointestinal disorders (William & Singh, 1976), burn victims (Dahinterova, 1967; Wakeman & Kaplan, 1978), and Raynaud's Disease (Braun, 1979) to mention but a few of its applications.
Born Along the Color Line: The 1933 Amenia Conference and the Rise of a National Civil Rights Movement.
They travelled with Celiney's younger sister, Amenia Alexander Moubarek and her two children George and William.
WTO Doc WT/L//505 (10 December 2002) and revoked pursuant to Disinvocation by the United States of Article XIII of the Marrakesb Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization with Respect to the Republic of Amenia, WTO Doc WT/L/601 (4 February 2005).
But what makes Paul even more different is that he was diagnosed at birth with Aplastic Amenia, a rare and life-threatening blood disorder, and just over two years ago underwent a full bone marrow transplant.
* In the town of Amenia, a lack of segregation of duties, a failure to issue and record cash receipts, a lack of complete and timely deposits, and an absence of bank reconciliations led to the collection of over $14,000 by the town clerk that was not deposited to town accounts, over just a six-month period.