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Abnormal suppression or absence of menstruation.

[a- + Greek mēn, month; see mē- in Indo-European roots + -rrhea.]

a·men′or·rhe′ic, a·men′or·rhe′al adj.
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(æˌmɛnəˈriːɪk; eɪˌmɛnəˈriːɪk)
of or relating to amenorrhea
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Adj.1.amenorrheic - related to the suppression of normal menstrual flow for any reason other than pregnancy
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Only three women knew that women have a very low risk of pregnancy in the first six months of a birth if they are amenorrheic and breast-feed exclusively (lactational amenorrhea method), but none used this method.
[11] Amenorrheic women with PCOS usually have the most severe hyperandrogenism and higher antral follicle counts as compared with women presenting with oligomenorrhea or regular menstrual cycles.
(1,2) Thus, the amenorrheic dancer who is also calcium and vitamin D deficient, especially in a state of overtraining-induced fatigue, is at extreme risk for osteoporosis and fracture.
EEG responses in regularly menstruating women and in amenorrheic women treated with ovarian hormones.
Among the participants, 47% of the nonhysterectomized women were amenorrheic, 30% of these women were hypomenorrheic, and 13.6% of these women were eumenorrheic.
(1993) Spine and total body bone mineral density in amenorrheic endurance athletes.
A 1999 study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition found that chronic energy deficit in amenorrheic athletes (N=4) could be reversed in a 20-week program using a sport nutrition supplement, 1 rest day per week, and a dietician to help with food selection.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Athletic teenage girls who are amenorrheic have higher ghrelin and lower leptin levels than do athletic girls who are eumenorrheic or girls who are nonathletic, according to a small study.
Anorectic women not receiving oral contraceptives had been amenorrheic for at least 3 consecutive months and had not received hormonal contraceptives within the previous 3 months.
When she comes back 2 weeks later, the edema is lessened, but she still is amenorrheic. In addition, she notes that her stools are light in color while her urine is dark orange.
The half-dozen or so studies that have looked at this issue have consistently found that the clinical characteristics of women who meet the other criteria but aren't amenorrheic are quite similar to those who are, Dr.
Authors reported either increased concentrations (25% for DPD; PYD not analyzed) in the case of hypothalamic amenorrhea (70) or decreased concentrations (20% PYD; 35% DPD) in amenorrheic women compared with eumenorrheic women and sedentary controls (71).