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 (ăm′ē-ăn′thəs) also am·i·an·tus (-təs)
Asbestos with fine, silky fibers.

[Latin amiantus, from Greek amiantos, undefiled : a-, not; see a-1 + miantos, defiled (from miainein, to defile).]


(ˌæmɪˈænθəs) or


(Minerals) any of the fine silky varieties of asbestos
[C17: from Latin amiantus, from Greek amiantos unsullied, from a-1 + miainein to pollute]
ˌamiˈanthine, ˌamiˈanthoid, ˌamianˈthoidal adj
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This is what happened in the Injunction in Direct Unconstitutionality Action 3937 MC/SP-Sao Paulo (11), in which the National Confederation of Industry Workers--NCIT, argued the unconstitutionality of Law 12,684, July 26, 2007, of State of Sao Paulo, that "prohibits the use, in the State of Sao Paulo, of products, materials or goods containing any type of amianthus or asbestos, or other materials that accidentally have asbestos fibers in its composition." The Rapporteur was Justice Marco Aurelio, who upheld the cautionary measure to suspend the Law 12.684 of the state of Sao Paulo, until the final decision of the direct unconstitutionality action.
The highly lustrous, well terminated epidote crystals reach 10 cm individually, and the groups show, in varying combinations, typical associations of sharply crystallized albite, apatite-(CaF), and fibrous actinolite ("byssolite" or "amianthus").
When separated from Luxima by a forest fire, an "apparent miracle" caused by the wind creating friction among the bamboo trees, the notably unsuperstitious Hilarion deems it "the interposition of Divine wrath" (211), but he braves the conflagration to save Luxima by wrapping himself in mountain flax, "the inconsumable amianthus of India" a variety of asbestos.