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 (ăm′ē-ăn′thəs) also am·i·an·tus (-təs)
Asbestos with fine, silky fibers.

[Latin amiantus, from Greek amiantos, undefiled : a-, not; see a-1 + miantos, defiled (from miainein, to defile).]


(ˌæmɪˈænθəs) or


(Minerals) any of the fine silky varieties of asbestos
[C17: from Latin amiantus, from Greek amiantos unsullied, from a-1 + miainein to pollute]
ˌamiˈanthine, ˌamiˈanthoid, ˌamianˈthoidal adj
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profilaktycznych Amiantus, ktorym objeci sa byli pracownicy zakladow przetworstwa azbestu w naszym kraju [8,9].
The data used in the study was derived from databases of the authorities and the national institutions (i.e., the Ministry of Economy, Municipal Offices, Central Statistical Office, National Institute of Public Health-PZH, the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health in Sosnowiec, and the data coming from AMIANTUS PROJECT, prophylactic examinations of the former workers of the asbestos processing plants).