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A liturgical vestment consisting of an oblong piece of white linen worn around the neck and shoulders and partly under the alb.

[Middle English, probably from Old French amis, pl. of amit, from Latin amictus, mantle, from past participle of amicīre, to wrap around : am-, ambi-, around; see ambi- + iacere, to throw; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity a rectangular piece of white linen worn by priests around the neck and shoulders under the alb or, formerly, on the head
[C15: from Old French amis, plural of amit, or from Medieval Latin amicia, both from Latin amictus cloak, from amicīre to clothe, from am- ambi- + iacere to throw]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) another word for almuce


abbreviation for
(Civil Engineering) Associate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers
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(ˈæm ɪs)

an oblong ecclesiastical vestment of white cloth, worn at the neck and shoulders.
[1200–50; < Old French amis,amys, pl. of amit < Latin amictus way of dressing, mantle, cloak <amic(īre) to clothe (am- ambi- + -icīre, comb. form of iacere to throw)]
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Who but would cast his pomp away, To take my staff and amice grey, And to the world's tumultuous stage, Prefer the peaceful Hermitage?
Thus passed the night so foul, till Morning fair Came forth with pilgrim steps, in amice grey, Who with her radiant finger stilled the roar Of thunder, chased the clouds, and laid the winds, And griesly spectres, which the Fiend had raised To tempt the Son of God with terrors dire.
<p style="font-weight: 400;">"Raw pet food is a fresh opportunity in this industry, as high-protein, minimally-processed cat food that mimics their natural prey diet becomes more and more popular," says Amice.
Amice and Sales (1997) observed influence of abiotic factors, such as temperature on the population dynamics of fruit flies.
Tellingly, Hyacinthus immediately chastises Zephyrus for having "too great a love." While Hyacinthus might call Zephyrus, "Amice," the word for Hyacinthus seemingly only implies chaste friendship.
2006) asi como tambien con la dinamica de sus poblaciones (Amice y Sales 1997; Aluja et al.
(57.) Perrin A, Nguyen MH, Bujan L, Vialard F, Amice V, Gueganic N, et al.
According to the Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe (AMICE), the study identifies four major obstacles to the prosperous development of mutual organisations in the common market: 1.
After she has worked with her spindles, she dons an apron "comme les presbtres mettent leur amict quand ils voulent messe chanter" ("as priests put up their amice when they want to sing mass") (388; Frame 306).
It was perhaps in connexion with Bell's contacts that Lindley went up to Trinity College Cambridge in 1910 where he read the Engineering Tripos, graduating BA in 1913, later becoming MA and Associate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (AMICE).