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Complete blood count, C-reactive protein, serum electrolytes, renal function, lactic acid levels, ammonia levels, aminoacidemia, and PCR-research for CMV in urine were normal.
PA is an autosomal recessive disease classified as a branched chain organic aminoacidemia. It is caused by a reduction in the activity of enzyme propionyl coenzyme A carboxylase (PCC).
Dois artigos foram excluidos por utilizarem apenas a ingestao de aminoacidos essenciais, e outros dois artigos tambem foram excluidos por estudar o efeito de diferentes doses proteina e aminoacidos essenciais na aminoacidemia e nao na sintese proteica/SPM.
The patient inherited the SLC25A13 mutation from her mother and a normal SLC25A13 gene from her father, so she had no aminoacidemia, which is typical for NICCD.
Lynch, "Alloisoleucine differentiates the branched-chain aminoacidemia of Zucker and dietary obese rats," Obesity, vol.
Likewise, transient branched-chain aminoacidemia that occurs, for example, in ketotic hypoglycemia and starvation appears not to be associated with increased alloisoleucine concentrations (5-10).
O objetivo era comparar a aminoacidemia prontamente aumentada pela dose unica com a gradualmente mimetizada pela dose seriada.
Free form amino acid ingestion acts similarly to whey by displaying a rapid and strong increase in aminoacidemia (Dangin et al., 2001).