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Noun1.aminoplast - a plastic (synthetic resin) made from amino compounds; used as an adhesive and as a coating for paper and textiles
plastic - generic name for certain synthetic or semisynthetic materials that can be molded or extruded into objects or films or filaments or used for making e.g. coatings and adhesives
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3--New Urethane Diol Resins for Improved Performance of WB Aminoplast Coatings--Matthew Gadman, King Industries
The pretreated panels were then finished with an alkyd/polyester aminoplast base paint.
The invention is exemplified by delivering the liquid impregnate for Neutrogena Fine Fairness Mask with Vitamin C, into aminoplast microcapsules from Reed Pacific.
In 1985, the Company entered the field of Aminoplast Moulding Compound.
Aminoplast resins, starches and even hot melt adhesives add to the total.
Non-ionic associative thickeners available in the market today include hydrophobically modified, ethoxylated urethanes (HEUR), hydrophobically modified, aminoplast ethers (HEAT), and hydrophobically modified cellulose derivatives (e.
Our recent studies focused on the behavior of a hydropho-bically modified, aminoplast ether (HEAT) associative thickener and a highly hydrophobic ethoxylated octyl-phenol surfactant in aqueous solution.
PPG Industries has received a patent for a crosslinking agent comprised of an ungelled reaction product of the following reactants: at least one aminoplast resin; and at least one aromatic heterocycle containing at least one ring nitrogen atom with an active hydrogen attached thereto; wherein the crosslinking agent has a glass transition temperature of at least 10[degrees]C and is substantially free of active hydrogen-containing groups and wherein the aromatic heterocycle is comprised of at least 10% weight of the weight of reactants.
In 1985, DYNO entered the field of Aminoplast Moulding Compound.
Petersen, H, Fischer, K, Klug, H, Trimborn, W, "Preparation of Curable Etherified Aminoplast Resins and of Surface Coating Resins.
In the first course, industry experts will cover such areas as acid catalysts for aminoplast crosslinking, including the mechanisms affected by acid catalysts, the use of mostly organo-sulfonic acids, and other acid catalyzed systems.