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Necrosis of tubular and surrounding haematopoietic cells, pycknosis and karyorrhexis of kidney tissue were observed when coho salmon was exposed to Amitrole for 144 h (Rand and Petrocelli, 1985).
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Martin [35] studied the toxic effect of certain herbicides (amitrole plus ammonium, 2,2-DPA, trifluralin, glyphosate, propazine, and simazine) at 1,10, and 100 mg/kg artificial soil against earthworms, whereas mortality was observed only at 100 mg/kg soil of trifluralin.
Cytogenetic effects of 2,4-D and amitrole in relation to nuclear volume and DNA content in some higher plants, Can.
This concerns eight herbicides (Amitrole, Ioxynil, Glufosinate, Linuron, Molinate, Pendimethalin, Tepraloxydim and Tralkoxydim), eleven fungicides (Carbendazim, Dinocap, Epoxiconazole, Flumioxazin, Flusilazole, Iprodion, Mancozeb, Maneb, Metconazole, Quinoxyfen and Tebuconazole), three insecticides (Bifenthrin, Lufenuron and Thiacloprid) and one other substance, Flurprimidol.
En relacion con otros efectos endocrinos, solo la inhibicion tiroidea por el Amitrole y el Mancozeb han sido observados tanto en animales como en humanos (20).
It was more than a decade before Freeman (1988) reported detectable levels of simazine and amitrole in the drainage waters of Styx River from an orchard near Christchurch.
Herbicides (amitrole, silvex, ammonium sulfamate, or 2,4-D acetic acid) can be used for control of large areas of poison ivy, oak, or sumac but are not species-specific and have the potential of killing surrounding plants or coming in contact with children or pets (Rietschel & Fowler, 2001a).
Rats and mice that were exposed to amitrole developed thyroid and liver tumors (Council on Scientific Affairs, 1988).
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Other chemicals (e.g., thionamides, amitrole, and ethylenethiourea) decrease TH synthesis by inhibition of thyroid peroxidase (Capen 1997, 1998; Hill et al.
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