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am·mo·ni·ac 1

 (ə-mō′nē-ăk′) also am·mo·ni·a·cal (ăm′ə-nī′ə-kəl)
Of, containing, or similar to ammonia.

am·mo·ni·ac 2

A strong-smelling gum resin from the stems of a plant (Dorema ammoniacum) of western Asia, formerly used in perfumery and in medicine as an expectorant and a stimulant. Also called gum ammoniac.

[Middle English ammoniak, from Latin ammōniacum, from Ammōniacus, of Amen, from Greek Ammōniakos; see ammonia.]


(əˈməʊnɪˌæk) or


(Elements & Compounds) a strong-smelling gum resin obtained from the stems of the N Asian umbelliferous plant Dorema ammoniacum and formerly used as an expectorant, stimulant, perfume, and in porcelain cement. Also called: gum ammoniac
[C14: from Latin ammōniacum, from Greek ammōniakos belonging to Ammon (apparently the gum resin was extracted from plants found in Libya near the temple of Ammon)]


(əˈmoʊ niˌæk)

n. adj.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin ammōniacum < Greek ammōniakón, neuter of ammōniakós of Ammon1; applied to a salt and a gum resin prepared near the Shrine of Ammon in Libya]
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Noun1.ammoniac - the aromatic gum of the ammoniac plant
gum - any of various substances (soluble in water) that exude from certain plants; they are gelatinous when moist but harden on drying
Adj.1.ammoniac - pertaining to or containing or similar to ammoniaammoniac - pertaining to or containing or similar to ammonia
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The temperature window is so narrow that ammoniac reagents could not mix with flue gas thoroughly and have no enough residence time to decompose and react with N[O.
This index is obtained by scoring several analyzed parameters: the biochemical demand of Oxygen (DBO5), the dissolved oxygen (OD), and the ammoniac nitrogen (NNH4+)(Calvo-Brenes, 2013).
Ammonium sulphate is efficient ammoniac fertilizer, is widely used in agriculture under grain, commercial and vegetable crops both for a preseeding treatment and for top-dressing.
Le responsable a fait savoir que d'autres projets environnementaux ont ete lances dans des unites relevant du Groupe chimique a Gabes, Skhira et Mdhila, en acquerant des equipements et materiels qui sont a meme de reduire les gaz a effet de serre dont le CO2 et le gaz ammoniac.
With the startup of the third ammoniac/urea unit at Marvdasht Petrochemical Plant with a capacity of 680,000 tons of ammoniac and 1.
En 2015, les exportations de produits petroliers (brut, gaz naturel liquefie, propane, butane, fuel, ammoniac.
It is as though the dark were resolving him out of his integrity, into an unrelated scattering of components--snuffings and stampings; smells of cooling flesh and ammoniac hair; an illusion of a coordinated whole.
For secondary example: In polar climates, the human frame, to maintain its due caloric, requires, for combustion in the stomach, the most highly ammoniac food, such as train oil.
Les gaz rencontres sont le monoxyde de carbone (CO) dans 98,8% des cas et le gaz ammoniac dans 0,2% des cas.
In 2010, compiling standards of 5 petrochemical production has been ended in ministry of oil including olphin, methanol, ammoniac, urea and aromatic.
The new NEC directive proposes reducing by 27% by 2030 ammoniac emissions caused by agriculture, and suggests a series of measures that can be implemented to manage this.