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tr.v. am·mo·ni·at·ed, am·mo·ni·at·ing, am·mo·ni·ates
To treat or combine with ammonia.
A compound that contains ammonia.

am·mo′ni·a′tion n.
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Adj.1.ammoniated - combined or treated with ammonia; "ammoniated mercury"
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They were all full of tinned meats and mixed drinks, from ammoniated quinine to white vodka, for they had taken their full share in the overnight loot.
Effects of mulberry leaves to replace rapeseed meal on performance of sheep feeding on ammoniated rice straw diet.
Previously, we have prepared the titania-quaternary ammoniated poly(vinylbenzyl chloride-divinylbenzene) Janus particles by swelling polymerization and surficial modification [14], which were used as the catalyzer of esterification reaction.
This study was realized to evaluate the nutritional value of Tifton 85 hay harvested at an advanced stage of development, ammoniated with urea doses and two treatment periods.
Growth and Nurtrient utilization in buffalo calves fed Ammoniated wheat straw supplemented with sodium sulphate.
The alkaloids were eluted with 3mL of ammoniated methanol into a glass vial and the solvent evaporated under flow of nitrogen while heating the samples at 60[degrees]C.
Allow the cartridges to dry for about 3 min and then elute with 1 mL of 2% ammoniated methanol solution.
Atmospheric Pressure-Ambient Temperature Reduction of Aflatoxin B1 in Ammoniated Cottonseed.
SDK is the only manufacturer of high-purity gases in the world that provides full product lineup including ammoniated gases, chlorinated/brominated gases, and fluorinated gases.
"The organic-rich areas include carbonate and ammoniated species, which are clearly Ceres' endogenous material, making it unlikely that the organics arrived via an external impactor."