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tr.v. am·mo·ni·at·ed, am·mo·ni·at·ing, am·mo·ni·ates
To treat or combine with ammonia.
A compound that contains ammonia.

am·mo′ni·a′tion n.
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Adj.1.ammoniated - combined or treated with ammonia; "ammoniated mercury"
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They were all full of tinned meats and mixed drinks, from ammoniated quinine to white vodka, for they had taken their full share in the overnight loot.
Tenders are invited for furnish & deliver ammoniated calcium nitrate for a twelve (12) month period.
SDK is the only manufacturer of high-purity gases in the world that provides full product lineup including ammoniated gases, chlorinated/brominated gases, and fluorinated gases.
The organic-rich areas include carbonate and ammoniated species, which are clearly Ceres' endogenous material, making it unlikely that the organics arrived via an external impactor.
Supplementation of ammoniated wheat straw: Perfomance and forage utilization characteristics in beef cattle receiving energy and protein supplements.
They have conceived not an election campaign in the usual sense but a super colossal, multimillion dollar production designed to sell an inadequate ticket to the American people in precisely the way they sell soap, ammoniated toothpaste, hair tonic or bubble gum," Ball complained in a speech called "The Corn Flakes Campaign.
While there is no evidence of water ice on the surface, spectra from Dawn show that the landscape is coated in ammoniated phyllosilicates.
The presence of ammoniated compounds raises the possibility that Ceres did not originate in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where it currently resides, but instead might have formed in the outer solar system.
The FT-IR spectra of activated silica gel, ammoniated silica gel, acylated silica gel and SMIP were shown in Fig.
Mehra (2004), Growth and Nurtrient utilization in buffalo calves fed Ammoniated wheat straw supplemented with sodium sulphate.