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1. An extinct cephalopod mollusk of the order Ammonitida of the Permian to Cretaceous Periods, having a thick, usually coiled shell characterized by intricate suture patterns where the septa between individual chambers join the outer shell wall.
2. An ammonoid.

[New Latin Ammōnītēs, from Latin (cornū) Ammōnis, (horn) of Amun, ammonite, genitive of Ammōn, Amun, from Greek : from Egyptian jmn.]

am′mo·nit′ic (-nĭt′ĭk) adj.


1. A member of a Semitic people inhabiting ancient Ammon, mentioned frequently in the Bible.
2. The Semitic language of the Ammonites.

[From Late Latin Ammōnītēs, the Ammonites, from Hebrew 'ammônî, Ammonite, from 'ammôn, Ammon, perhaps of Canaanite origin; see ʕmm in Semitic roots.]
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Adj.1.ammonitic - of or related to an order of fossil cephalopodsammonitic - of or related to an order of fossil cephalopods
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