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The ammonium sulfate precipitation was carried out by adding solid ammonium sulfate to crude enzyme mixture until 0-30 per cent saturation (w/v) with continuous stirring at 4[degrees]C.
Therefore, the present study aimed to evaluate the interactions of sulphur sources via ammonium sulfate and calcium sulfate on the population dynamics of S.
Generally the highest grain yield belonged to nicosulfuron plus ammonium sulfate (5874.
Total nitrogen as ammonium in most organic materials is < 1%, except for liquid fish and seabird guano, but much larger for synthetic inorganic compounds such as urea and ammonium sulfate.
The ammonium sulfate unit of Orumiyeh petrochemical complex was inaugurated yesterday during the provincial tour of Iranian president.
The EBFGT technology is aimed at achieving higher rates of removal of pollutants for better economic competitiveness in the generation of useful byproducts such as ammonium nitrate and Ammonium sulfate in addition to the lower operating costs by 25 per cent of other competitive technologies.
After centrifugating the broth (having LAB), the obtained lysate was subjected to purification by using ammonium sulfate precipitation method.
Evaluation of the phenol ammonium sulfate sedimentation smear microscopy method for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis.
Since 1 pound of any dry fertilizer equals about two cups, that is about four cups of ammonium sulfate, two overflowing cups of ammonium nitrate, or 1.
Ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate, known for their use as agricultural fertilizers, are also often added to provide nutrients to help the forest regenerate after a burn.