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(ænt, ˈæm ənt)
am not.
usage: See ain't.
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The AMNT transaction will see Macmahon awarded a life-of-mine, alliance style contract to provide earthmoving and mining services at AMNT's Batu Hijau copper-gold mine in Indonesia.
Macmahon expected those conditions precedent to be satisfied shortly and for the AMNT transaction to completed before the end of July.
Attendance Bonus Clause Conditions Bonus Year Team Condition Amnt 1934 Chicago 450,000 $1,000 1934 Chicago 450,000 $1,500 1944 Chicago 450,000 $500 1944 Chicago 500,000 $500 $1,000 1944 Chicago 550,000 $1,000 1944 Cleveland 525,000 $500 Previous Number Actual Yr.
We are thrilled at the prospect of working with PT AMNT at Batu Hijau," said Michael Finnegan, CEO, Macmahon.
This transaction is important in allowing PT AMNT to achieve important operational restructuring goals, which will allow us to more efficiently extract the resources from the Batu Hijau deposit, while simultaneously allowing us to explore and develop other opportunities in the region," said Alexander Ramlie, director, AMNT.
AMNT has agreed to fund any significant additional equipment required in the future and provide the use of this equipment to Macmahon free of charge.
AMNT full year production was 477 million lbs of copper and 798 thousand oz gold.
462/2007--Cria a Comissao Brasileira de Comunicacoes Temporaria AMNT 2008--Preparacao para a Assembleia Mundial de Normalizacao das Telecomunicacoes da UIT.
Tenders are invited for Stencil Type Route Indicator L Single Alaphabetical Letter White Colour As Per Specification A-5 Irs:S-66/84 Amnt.
OTCBB: AMNT - News) today announced that the Ingle's Market, Incorporated has agreed to carry Amish Naturals' line of organic pasta products.
AmNet Mortgage's common stock will trade on Nasdaq under its reserved symbol, AMNT.