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Of or resembling an amoeba, especially in changeability of form and means of locomotion.


(əˈmiːbɔɪd) or


(Zoology) of, related to, or resembling amoebae
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Adj.1.amoeboid - like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)amoeboid - like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)
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A feast of design icons festoon the space as Vladimir Kagan sofas and Serge Mouille lamps lead one onto the amoeboid terrace that offers Instagram worthy shots of the world's tallest building.
Next-generation sequencing of the gill microbiome confirmed that when black gill is at its peak, microeukaryotic communities were dominated by apostome-related ciliates, but over the year highly diverse communities of gill associates, including other potential ciliate, fungal, euglenozoid, and amoeboid parasites are commonly detected.
There are various morphologic forms such as pyriform (Tasca and De Carli, 2003) round, stalked amoeboid and bell-shaped amoeboid.
Crime in most literature simply portrays itself as amorphous, fluidic and amoeboid in most social science perspectives.
Left, resting/ramified (R) microglia exhibiting thin, highly branched protrusions extending from the cell body; right, activated microglia (A) exhibiting amoeboid morphology with shorter, stouter processes.
The life cycle of Physarum consists of two phases with different modes of motility: uninucleate amoeba showing slow amoeboid movement; and multinucleated plasmodium showing rapid cytoplasmic streaming.
BCC 25505, 57-86% vegetative cell were observed during 166 h of cultivation but amoeboid cells, with 2, 4 and 6 partitions, were found thereafter (Fig.
Light sheet microscopy has also been applied to study cellular processes during amoeboid movements (Takao et al.
However, thorough observation of the photos, brought to light pale RBC larger than normal, with an irregular coating, amoeboid trophozoite, and granulation therein (Fig.
Predominance of amoeboid forms of Blastocystis hominis in isolates from symptomatic patients.
Reconfigurable robots with amoeboid locomotion usefully decentralized control mechanisms that are based on coupled biochemical oscillators [15].