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Of or resembling an amoeba, especially in changeability of form and means of locomotion.
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(əˈmiːbɔɪd) or


(Zoology) of, related to, or resembling amoebae
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Adj.1.amoeboid - like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)amoeboid - like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)
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The scans of the pterosaur coprolites revealed many microscopic food remains including foraminifera (small amoeboid protists with external shells), small shells of marine invertebrates and possible remains of polychaete worms.
Such monarchic states were amoeboid entities, which shrank, expanded or coalesced according to the relative military and political skills of particular rulers.
Confinement-optimized three-dimensional T cell amoeboid motility is modulated via myosin IIA-regulated adhesions.
Be it a side plate that is slightly (and purposely) uneven, to an amoeboid forms and shaped inspired by majestic tropical flora, mix and match, till your find your own balance of function and beauty on the table.
Reid, C.R, MacDonald, H, Mann, R.P, Marshall, J.A.R, Latty, T & Garnier, S, 'Decision-making without a brain: how an amoeboid organism solves the twoarmed bandit', Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Vol.
Activated microglia or macrophages adopt an 'amoeboid' phenotype and produce inflammatory mediators (such as IL-beta, TNF-alpha) in response to infectious and traumatic stimuli.
The grading and percentage of parasitaemia were done by counting schizonts, ring and amoeboid forms under oil immersion.
(3) Geographic lesions occur when a dendrite widens and assumes an amoeboid shape.
They probably formed at very high temperatures and can be classified into two groups 6 calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions (CAIs) and amoeboid olivine aggregates (AOAs).
Take Shelfish, 2017, which gives lip service to use-value in borrowing the visual cues of a shelf--stacked surface areas--only to further the artist's project of amoeboid abstraction.