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 (ăm′ə-rĕt′ō, ä′mə-)
n. pl. am·o·ret·ti (-tē) or am·o·ret·tos
A cupid.

[Italian, diminutive of Amore, Cupid, from Latin Amor, from amor, love; see amorous.]
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(ˌæməˈrɛtəʊ) or


n, pl -retti (-ˈrɛtɪ) or -rini (-ˈriːnɪ)
(Art Terms) (esp in painting) a small chubby naked boy representing a cupid. Also called: putto
[C16: from Italian, diminutive of Amore Cupid, from Latin Amor Love]
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(ˌæm əˈrɛt oʊ, ˌɑ mə-)

n., pl. -ret•ti (-ˈrɛt i)
a cupid.
[1590–1600; < Italian, diminutive of amore love < Latin amōrem, acc. of amor]
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His courtship and, in 1594, his marriage produced his sonnet sequence, called 'Amoretti' (Italian for 'Love-poems'), and his 'Epithalamium,' the most magnificent of marriage hymns in English and probably in world-literature; though his 'Prothalamium,' in honor of the marriage of two noble sisters, is a near rival to it.
Some of the prominent manufacturers of fat soluble filling for bakery includes Sensient, Mavalerio, Amoretti and others.
Originally, the dark chocolate custard or sabayon was poured on to a base of crushed amoretti biscuits and caramel in the same way as you make a cheesecake.
Esses resultados sao explicados, parcialmente, pela menor capacidade de transporte de oxigenio em razao da menor taxa de hemoglobina da mulher em relacao ao homem (Amoretti e Brion, 2001).
It had tangy fresh lemons and the classic Italian liquor which was whipped with mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar into a creamy and sweet topping, then piled onto a crunchy base of grape nuts, almonds and crushed amoretti biscuits.
I went for the dark chocolate and espresso chiboust (a mousse) with sour raspberries, crushed amoretti biscuit and a coffee and coconut sorbet.
Mario Amoretti, a criminal lawyer, told the same newspaper, "It's extraordinary that ever since 1991, Peru has responded to the situation by increasing the punishment for sexual abuse.
Similar conceptual concerns lie at the basis of the article by Biancamaria Amoretti (pp.
Esse fato e corrigido por processo cirurgico logo na infancia, evitando a morte do individuo, qual nao resistiria se o quadro patologico se mantivesse (Amoretti e Brion, 2001).
The disintegration of Pakistan in 1971, the break-up of Malaysia-Singapore federation, the separation of Eretria from Ethiopia, and the split between Czech Republic and Slovakia seems to suggest that bipolar federalism "have been notoriously unstable" (Amoretti, 2004).
In addition to 176 CopperSmith[R] branded products, the site also offers hundreds of products by Amoretti Brothers, Copper Factory, Copper Works, Golden Lighting, Sinology, Trade Wind, Vent-a-Hood and Zephyr.