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1. Full of or strongly disposed to romantic love.
2. Indicative of love or sexual desire: an amorous glance.
3. Of or associated with love: an amorous poem.
4. Being in love; enamored: He had been amorous of her since the day they met.

[Middle English, from Old French amoureus, from Medieval Latin amōrōsus, from Latin amor, love, from amāre, to love.]

am′or·ous·ly adv.
am′or·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.amorously - in an amorous manneramorously - in an amorous manner; "he looked at her amorously"


[ˈæmərəslɪ] ADV [look, embrace] → apasionadamente


advverliebt, voller Verliebtheit
References in classic literature ?
The captain, much more occupied with her than with that pack of the rabble, was amorously rumpling her girdle behind.
He dwelt amorously on every detail of her appearance, and Griffiths knew exactly how her thin hands were shaped and how white her face was, and he laughed at Philip when he talked of the charm of her pale, thin lips.
Not that I wasn't partial to female society in my time," he added with a pathetic intonation, while the whites of his goggle eyes gleamed amorously under the clear night sky.
His prominent, heavy-lidded eyes rolled sideways amorously and languidly, the bedclothes were pulled up to his chin, and his dark smooth moustache covered his thick lips capable of much honeyed banter.
he said, looking so soothingly, not to say amorously on Miggs, that she sat, as she afterwards remarked, on pins and needles of the sharpest Whitechapel kind, not knowing what intentions might be suggesting that expression to his features:
SOME questions - when did Sharon abandon her moral stance to amorously pursue adopted brother Dennis again in EastEnders?
WE LEFT paradise strapped to our seats on a jet, a great silver bird created by man's crazy conceit and ambition, and down below the perfect people, who had been tanned the colours of rich toffee, stretched amorously on their towels -- watched, slacklipped, by the ancient lady sitting in her wheelchair, wrinkled and crumpled like an old leather bag, under the shade of a horse-chestnut tree.
2) In Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, the Prince of Wales (the future Edward I) amorously pursues a gamekeeper's daughter, "the lovely maid of Fressingfield," to be his "concubine" (sc.
amp; he helpeth up Gismund, they amorously embrace, & depart'.
I'd always be worried he was going to be amorously adventurous while I was trying to watch Midsommer Murders.
This is one way in which sex is always alien sex; the cut and difference between bodies that brings them together and keeps them apart even when--particularly when--they are most amorously conjoined.
SMICKER A To laugh B To insult C To look amorously who am I?