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1. Biology Living or able to live both on land and in water.
2. Able to operate both on land and in water: amphibious tanks.
3. Relating to or organized for a military landing by means of combined naval and land forces.
4. Of a mixed or twofold nature.

[From Latin amphibius, from Greek amphibios; see amphibian.]

am·phib′i·ous·ly adv.
am·phib′i·ous·ness n.


1. (Zoology) able to live both on land and in the water, as frogs, toads, etc
2. designed for operation on or from both water and land
3. (Military) relating to military forces and equipment organized for operations launched from the sea against an enemy shore
4. having a dual or mixed nature
[C17: from Greek amphibios, literally: having a double life, from amphi- + bios life]
amˈphibiously adv
amˈphibiousness n


(æmˈfɪb i əs)

1. living or able to live both on land and in water.
2. capable of operating on both land and water: amphibious vehicles.
3. pertaining to military operations by both land and naval forces.
4. trained to fight on both land and sea.
5. of or having a mixed or twofold nature.
[1635–45; < Latin amphibius < Greek amphíbios living a double life]
am•phib′i•ous•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.amphibious - relating to or characteristic of animals of the class Amphibiaamphibious - relating to or characteristic of animals of the class Amphibia
2.amphibious - operating or living on land and in wateramphibious - operating or living on land and in water; "amphibious vehicles"; "amphibious operations"; "amphibious troops"; "frogs are amphibious animals"
aquatic - operating or living or growing in water; "boats are aquatic vehicles"; "water lilies are aquatic plants"; "fish are aquatic animals"
terrestrial - operating or living or growing on land
sem lifir bæîi í vatni og á landi


[æmˈfɪbɪəs] ADJ [animal, vehicle] → anfibio


[æmˈfɪbiəs] adj
[animal] → amphibie
[vehicle, plane] → amphibie
(MILITARY) [landing, operation, assault] → amphibie


adj animal, plantamphibisch; (Mil) → amphibisch; amphibious vehicle/aircraftAmphibienfahrzeug nt/-flugzeug nt


[æmˈfɪbɪəs] adj (Bio) (vehicle) → anfibio/a


(ӕmˈfibiən) noun
1. a creature that spends part of its life on land and part in water. Frogs are amphibians.
2. a vehicle designed to move on land or in the water.
3. an aircraft designed to fly from land or water.
amˈphibious adjective
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With regard to the concept of institutional amphibiousness, as Howell points out, it cannot explain the varying degrees of autonomy of social organisations nor the different relations between state agencies and different social organisations.
But beyond its pop-culture-friendly amphibiousness, the video is most radical in its deployment of space.
Secure in their amphibiousness but saddened by the thought of all their fellow creatures drowning, the talking frogs attempt to warn young Tom.