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Having a grammatical structure that allows of two interpretations; equivocal.

[From Late Latin amphibolus; see amphibole.]
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Holy amphiboly is "an experience of a non-singular vision with an unresolved state of non-complimentary cosmologies and faith traditions existing within a person or in a community" and an amphibolous faith is "the simultaneous existence of radically different epistemological and cosmological orientations in a person or in a community." (5) That is to say, holy amphiboly is a state of continually adding new spiritual ideas; this state reflects the perpetual insecurity of Japanese Americans and this cultural hybridity emerges from their social connection to multiple groups through politics, material needs, art, and common experiences.
To say this is to utter an amphibolous sentence, not wholly unlike "Last night I shot an intruder in my pajamas".
For example, the sharp crystal edges disappeared and were replaced by blurred and amphibolous boundaries, indicating corrosive damage on the NP surface.