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Having a diploid set of chromosomes derived from each parent.
An organism or individual having a diploid set of chromosomes derived from each parent.

am′phi·dip′loi·dy n.
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(Botany) a plant originating from hybridization between two species in which the chromosome number is the sum of the chromosome numbers of both parental species. It behaves as an independent species
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Noun1.amphidiploid - (genetics) an organism or cell having a diploid set of chromosomes from each parent
organism, being - a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently
genetic science, genetics - the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms
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This specie is a fertile amphidiploid or allotetraploid, probably originated by genome fusion of two species (JENNINGS, 1988).
West African okra--morphological and cytogenetical indicators for the existence of a natural amphidiploid of Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) and Abelmoschus manihot (L.) Mediks.
The amphidiploid plants of some interspecific hybrid genotypes were obtained by 0.03% colchicine application.
Integration of linkage maps for the Amphidiploid Brassica napus and comparative mapping with Arabidopsis and Brassica rapa.
The chromosomal substitution lines belong to a cross between Fleur 11 and a synthetic amphidiploid parent (Table 1).
The use of combined FISH/GISH in conjunction with DAPI counterstaining to identify chromosomes containing transgene inserts in amphidiploid tobacco.
The some of the most studied legume genomes, due to economic significance genome of Medicago truncaluta, a self-fertile plant with a small diploid (~500MB) with a short generation time, Lotus japonicus, which has a diploid genome (about 470MB) and a short life cycle; and Glycine max, with an amphidiploid genome (~1.1Gb).
Relationships between growth and gas exchange characteristics in some salt-tolerant amphidiploid Brassica species in relation to their diploid parents.
The condition of normal diploid segregation in the present case may be met by explaining that though cotton is an amphidiploid (allotetraploid) of A and D genomes [15] it has established itself as genetically stable over the years and behaves as normal diploid in subsequent generations [16].
1 Varuna Selection from Varansi Local 2 Pusa Bold Varuna/BIC 1780 3 Pusa Jagannath Varuna/Synthetic juncea 4 Pusa Agrani Early maturing Brassica juncea/Synthetic amphidiploid (Brassica campestris var.