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n. Greek Mythology
The son of Zeus and the twin brother of Zethus, with whom he built a wall around Thebes by charming the stones into place with the music of his magical lyre.


(æmˈfaɪ ən, ˈæm fi-)

(in Greek myth) a son of Zeus and a mortal woman, who with his twin brother Zethus built the walls of Thebes by charming the stones into place with his lyre.
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Next to her I saw Antiope, daughter to Asopus, who could boast of having slept in the arms of even Jove himself, and who bore him two sons Amphion and Zethus.
Orpheus and Amphion went a little farther, and by the charms of music enchanted things merely inanimate.
2: Hesiod says that (the children of Amphion and Niobe) were ten sons and ten daughters.