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Any of numerous small, chiefly aquatic crustaceans of the order Amphipoda, such as the beach flea, having a laterally compressed body with no carapace.

[From New Latin Amphipoda, order name : amphi- + New Latin -poda, -pod.]
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(Animals) any marine or freshwater crustacean of the order Amphipoda, such as the sand hoppers, in which the body is laterally compressed: subclass Malacostraca
(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Amphipoda
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(ˈæm fəˌpɒd)

any small, flat-bodied crustacean of the order Amphipoda, having one set of limbs adapted for swimming and another for hopping, as the beach fleas and sand hoppers.
[1825–35; < New Latin Amphipoda; see amphi-, -pod]
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Noun1.amphipod - a kind of malacostracan crustaceanamphipod - a kind of malacostracan crustacean  
malacostracan crustacean - a major subclass of crustaceans
Amphipoda, order Amphipoda - small flat-bodied semiterrestrial crustaceans: whale lice; sand-hoppers; skeleton shrimp
beach flea, sand flea, sand hopper, sandhopper - small amphipod crustaceans that hop like fleas; common on ocean beaches
skeleton shrimp - small amphipod crustacean having a grotesque form suggestive of the praying mantis; found chiefly on seaweed
whale louse - amphipod crustacean parasitic on cetaceans
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We caution that the predation rate of embryos by amphipods within our amphipod-addition hatching chambers may not reflect amphipod predation rates in the field for several reasons.
Illinois has a variety of animals and plants on the threatened and endangered list, including birds, bats, mussels and one crustacean (the Illinois cave amphipod, since you asked; picture a white prawn or crayfish).
I dislodged a large amphipod from the bivalve using a soft brush and placed it into a glass look box.
The amphipod Hyalella azteca can be used as an alternative freshwater organism to expand the number of species for ecotoxicological evaluation in estuarine environments and conditions of low salinity.
The death of the last male Northern white rhinoceros last month in Kenya tugs at our heartstrings, but would we be so moved if the last Illinois cave amphipod slipped into oblivion?
We explored the effect of temperature on the anti-predator behavior of a keystone freshwater invertebrate, the amphipod Gommants fossarum.
First, the length of each amphipod (base of the antennae to base of the telson) was estimated using Image J to ensure that differences in leaf consumption were not correlated with amphipod size (i.e., that larger amphipods would eat more of the disk).
Pea crab Carinus Maenas Green shore crab Cumacea Hooded shrimp Chlliamalus fragilis Fragile barnacle Gammarus mucronatus Amphipod Gammarus sp.
In the current study we experimentally manipulated the presence of the filamentous macroalga Cladophora glomerata, the invasive amphipod Gammarus tigrinus, the native prawn P.
The amphipod Chelura terbrans, which lives within burrows made by Limnoria, and the copepod Tisbe gracilis, which occurs on wood blocks, ingests wood under laboratory conditions.
The key players in the Global Hydration Belts Market are Amphipod Inc., FuelBelt Inc., Nathan Sports Inc.