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plan of the Temple of Athena Nike at the Acropolis
Athens, Greece


 (ăm-fĭp′rō-stīl′, ăm′fĭ-prō′stīl′)
Having a prostyle or set of columns at each end but none along the sides, as in some Greek temples.

[Latin amphiprostȳlos, from Greek amphiprostūlos : amphi-, amphi- + prostūlos, with pillars in front; see prostyle.]

am·phip′ro·style′ n.
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(æmˈfɪprəˌstaɪl; ˌæmfɪˈprəʊstaɪl)
(Architecture) (esp of a classical temple) having a set of columns at both ends but not at the sides
(Architecture) a temple of this kind
amˌphiproˈstylar adj
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(æmˈfɪp rəˌstaɪl, ˌæm fəˈproʊ staɪl)

(of a classical temple) having a portico with columns on both fronts, but not on the sides.
[1700–10; < Latin amphiprostȳlus < Greek amphipróstȳlos. See amphi-, prostyle]
am•phip`ro•sty′lar, adj.
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A temple with columns and a portico at each end.
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Adj.1.amphiprostyle - marked by columniation having free columns in porticoes either at both ends or at both sides of a structure
apteral - having columns at one or both ends but not along the sides
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