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Clasping the stem, as the bases of certain leaves do.

[Latin amplexus, an embracing; see amplexus + Latin caulis, stem.]


(Botany) (of some sessile leaves, stipules, etc) having an enlarged base that encircles the stem
[C18: from New Latin amplexicaulis, from Latin amplectī to embrace + caulis stalk]
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These leaves with different shapes can be grouped into two distinct categories; the first one is called ovate and includes basal and petiolate leaves, arranged in the form of a rosette, while the second one, the lanceolate, refers to smaller leaves and amplexicaul leaves that emerge after stem elongation.
Leaves are alternate, sessile, scale-like, entire, sometimes decurrent, from slightly auriculate to amplexicaul or even vaginate, glabrous, mostly with salt-secreting glands.