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n. pl. amplexus or am·plex·us·es
The copulatory embrace of frogs and toads, during which the male fertilizes the eggs that are released by the female.

[Latin amplexus, an embracing, from past participle of amplectī, to embrace : am-, ambi-, around; see ambi- + plectere, to twine; see plek- in Indo-European roots.]


the mating embrace of amphibians, particularly frogs and toads


(æmˈplɛk səs)

n., pl. -us•es, -us.
the copulatory clasping posture of frogs and toads.
[1925–30; < New Latin, Latin: embrace amplect(ī) to embrace (am-, variant of ambi- ambi- + plectere to plait, twine)]
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After the first heavy rain (> 30 mm), we surveyed all transects to locate potential sites or pools for amphibian reproduction, and to record any signs of breeding activity (calling males, adults in amplexus, presence of eggs and/or larvae).
Uxorem amplexus dat dulcibus oscula natis, qui patriis caligis substituunt soleas.
However, males have a higher investment in the reproductive action (such as calling, active seeking of females, and amplexus interference) (Gatz, 1981; Howard, 1988; Sullivan, 1992).
Robinson and Doyle (1995) found that in amphipods, amplexus decreases male growth by as much as 45%, indicating that individuals face a trade-off between present reproduction and future size.
Longer and robust forelimbs allow males to retain a firm grip on the female in amplexus (Howard & Kluge 1985).
Illi agmine certo Laocoonta petunt ; et primum parua duorum corpora natorum serpens amplexus uterque 215implicat et miseros morsu depascitur artus ; post ipsum auxilio subeuntem ac tela ferentem corripiunt spirisque ligant ingentibus ; et iam bis medium amplexi, bis collo squamea circum terga dati superant capite et ceruicibus altis.
Later the same day, we observed and voucher photographed a pair of adult Oregon Spotted Frogs in amplexus with a freshly laid egg mass at different location at this site.
Calling males were detected at all sites; females were detected at three sites, in amplexus with males on two occasions, and egg masses were detected at the same sites as females.
Aquatic eggs are fertilized by multiple males not engaged in amplexus in a stream-breeding frog.
14) For Cola's embrace of Petrarch as teacher, see Cola di Rienzo a Francesc Petrarca, July 27, 1347, Epistolario XV (37-8): "[I]n gratissimo exhortamine vestro, per exempla laudabilia bonorum veterum, per eccitationes ad virtutum amplexus, nos sumus et fuimus plurimum recreati" ("In your very gratifying letter of exhortation, you have summoned the praiseworthy examples of the heroes of old to spur us on to emulate their virtuous deeds, whereby our spirits are and have been thoroughly revived").
Et nobis idem Alcimedon duo pocula fecit et molli circum est ansas amplexus acantho Orpheaque in medio posuit siluasque sequentis; necdum illis labra admoui, sed condita seruo.
Quick climb onto my back and cry wreck it wreck it like a frog in the grip of ecstatic amplexus .