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A rotating magnetic amplifier with specialized windings that allow small changes in power input to produce large changes in power output.

[Originally a trademark.]


an electrodynamic amplifier which uses a small electrical signal to control the position of a large motor


(ˈæm plɪˌdaɪn)

a direct-current generator with a rotating armature: used in servo systems as a power amplifier.
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They investigated that the large turbo-generators under excited operation are affected due to modern amplidyne voltage regulators.
For instance, in one realm, Alexanderson saw common principles in electronic amplification and the amplidyne (dynamo amplifier); in the other, he likened the economics of electric utilities (central stations, load management) to those of radio broadcasting.
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Pink Sheets:GTRD), traded on the Over The Counter Pink Sheets, announced today the signing of a Letter of Intent with AMPLIDYNE INC.
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While "The Garden State" may be a misnomer for many parts of New Jersey, it is home to numerous tech companies, such as Avaya, RAD Data Communications, Spirent (see cover story), PacketStorm Communications, RADCOM, Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Radware, Amplidyne and RIT Technologies.
Bains the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Amplidyne, Inc.