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A rotating magnetic amplifier with specialized windings that allow small changes in power input to produce large changes in power output.

[Originally a trademark.]


an electrodynamic amplifier which uses a small electrical signal to control the position of a large motor


(ˈæm plɪˌdaɪn)

a direct-current generator with a rotating armature: used in servo systems as a power amplifier.
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Phillips, "Effect of a modern amplidyne voltage regulator on underexcited operation of large turbine generators", AIEE Transactions, vol.
They investigated that the large turbo-generators under excited operation are affected due to modern amplidyne voltage regulators.
For instance, in one realm, Alexanderson saw common principles in electronic amplification and the amplidyne (dynamo amplifier); in the other, he likened the economics of electric utilities (central stations, load management) to those of radio broadcasting.
Limited tenders are invited for 7b/5057/23/tech-isc indigenous repair and overhaul of amplidyne