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Noun1.amplitude level - the level on a scale of amplitudeamplitude level - the level on a scale of amplitude  
degree, level, grade - a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality; "a moderate grade of intelligence"; "a high level of care is required"; "it is all a matter of degree"
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Note that the indicated numerical values of the permissible amplitudes of the density [[delta].sub.ilm] of the SC current in the materials of the current-carrying parts of the wires (cables) do not depend on the amplitude level [] of the steady-state emergency current of power frequency 50 Hz in them.
Therefore, when the MR components are designed, the amplitude level of the actual environment should be considered first followed by a suitable technology.
It also predicts the form of the QCD running coupling at all scales and provides new insights into the physics underlying hadronization at the amplitude level. I will also discuss the remarkable features of the Poincare invariant, causal vacuum defined by light-front quantization and its impact on the interpretation of the cosmological constant.
Both elastic moduli increase with cycle number during the first several cycles in each amplitude level of cyclic loading, which indicates a decrease of residual axial strain.
This study concludes that, with the increasing amount of vibration amplitude level, the slower reaction time made by volunteers that indicate the increased level of drowsiness.
All records are sampled at 250 Hz, and are normalized to remove changes of amplitude level in ECG.
The independent extraction variables (amplitude level: 80-90%; time: 5-15 min) were determined based on preliminary experiments where higher antioxidant activity by ABTS and DPPH was observed.
The influence of the mass ratio at this forcing amplitude level is treated by considering the same amplitude of the reference case, [delta] = 0.0011, but with a smaller mass ratio of [[gamma].sub.m] = 0.15.
7b) spans more than 2/3 life-cycle in all cases of amplitude level. This is caused by manufacturing defects cause early crack initiation and growth due to cyclic loading.
While all of the measured output waveforms share the same features, i.e., compressed short pulse with time sidelobes, the peak amplitude level varies and therefore the PG values.
To find the optimum amplitude level of the TOA at first, the B-scan image of a half water-filled tunnel is considered again.

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