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1. Entertaining or pleasing.
2. Arousing laughter.

a·mus′ing·ly adv.
a·mus′ing·ness n.


the quality or state of being amusing
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There are a few hypotheses related to the nearness and utilization of amusingness in people in general eye.
But as Schroeder points out, it is plausible that everyone should accept a buck-passing account of certain evaluative properties, like enviability and amusingness. He concludes that for this reason the buck-passer is off the hook.
So that while we have "amusingness" that Furbank thought so characteristic of Bloomsbury prose (164), we also have a vision of a Pelew realm that has remained safe and intact, that allows its people to go naked in the world, and that insists its pleasures be distributed even-handedly.