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An amygdule.

[From Latin amygdala, almond; see amygdala.]
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(əˈmɪɡdeɪl) or


(Geological Science) a vesicle in a volcanic rock, formed from a bubble of escaping gas, that has become filled with light-coloured minerals, such as quartz and calcite
[C19: from Greek: almond]
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When they blocked the ability of the amygdale to make this molecule in mice, the researchers found that the stressed and non-stressed mice on a high calorie diet gained about the same amount of weight.
As part of the recent study, a team of researchers identified a key molecule elevated within the brain's emotional memory processor - the amygdale. Experiments suggest that suppressing that molecule enables faster recovery from trauma.
Implantation of dihydrotestosterone propionate into the lateral septal or medial amygdale facilitates copulation in castrated male rats given estradiol systemically.
Additional disconnection of neural networks has been verified for processing particular facial emotions, with the concerned regions together with cortical (prefrontal, frontal and orbito-frontal cortices, occipito-temporal junction, cingulate cortex and secondary somatosensory cortex) and subcortical structures (amygdale, basal ganglia and insula).
The baseline asymmetry and lateralized changes of cPKC[beta]II in the rat amygdale are associated with the cue and context in a classical fear conditioning paradigm [42].
(16) Studies have reported that men demonstrated larger amygdale and thalamus volumes when compared with females whereas females show large size of hippocampus than males.
Neuroticism can influence stress assessment and impact the ability to judge which situations are stressful and which are not.[sup][20] Previous studies have found that individuals with high neuroticism scores have enhanced reactivity to daily stressors, cannot cope with situations using effective efforts, and have improper responses to stress.[sup][21] Hyperactivity of the amygdale has been found in high neuroticism individuals in the face of negative stimuli.[sup][4] Stress response is thought to be related to cognition and affect the areas of the brain in decision-making.
[28] Orexinergic neurons were widely distributed in lateral hypothalamus, perifornical area, and dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus with their projections widely sent throughout the nervous system like the amygdale, bed nucleus of stria terminalis, and hippocampus.
Also, superoxide dismutase activity was shown to have increased in the CAI regions of hippocampus and amygdale [43].
The canonical ORF of G72 (DAOA) is predicted to encode a putative protein of 153 amino acids isolated from amygdale libraries, caudate nucleus, spinal cord, and testis [6].
The first to last rows show temporal lobe, amygdale, and midbrain, respectively.
The involvement of the hippocampus and amygdale in the early phases of AD causes synaptic dysfunctions, such as the block of long-term potentiation (LTP), with consequent damage of the processes of learning and memory [8].