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Adj.1.amygdaliform - shaped like an almondamygdaliform - shaped like an almond    
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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fallax has more robust basidiomata, the pileus is larger (30-40 mm diam.) and with a mammilate central umbo, rhizomorphs are absent, basidiospores are amygdaliform to ellipsoid and larger (6.5-8 x 4-6.5 [mu]m), the pileipellis is a loosely entangled layer of ascending cylindrical hyphae (Baroni, 1981).
Thus, the only two features which suggest a common origin for both species are the tropical habitat and the amygdaliform spores, with the spines aligned in crests.
Thus, the combination of the above mentioned characters: a dextrinoid endoperidium, a non pitted capillitium, ellipsoid to amygdaliform spores with an ornamentation made of spines aligned in crests, differentiates this taxon from the previously known species, and support the proposal of C.