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A volcanic rock containing many amygdules.
adj. also a·myg·da·loi·dal (-loi′dl)
1. Shaped like an almond.
2. Anatomy Of or relating to the amygdala.
3. Resembling a volcanic rock that contains many amygdules.

[Latin amygdala, almond; see amygdala + -oid.]


(Geological Science) a volcanic igneous rock containing amygdales
1. having the shape of an almond
2. (Geological Science) a less common form of amygdaloidal1


(əˈmɪg dəˌlɔɪd)

1. a volcanic rock in which rounded cavities formed by the expansion of gas or steam have later become filled with deposits of various minerals.
2. Also, a•myg`da•loi′dal. almond-shaped.
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Noun1.amygdaloid - volcanic rock in which rounded cavities formed by expanding gas have subsequently become filled with mineral deposits
volcanic rock - extrusive igneous rock solidified near or on the surface of the Earth
Adj.1.amygdaloid - shaped like an almondamygdaloid - shaped like an almond    
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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