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[Latin am(ylum), starch + -yl.]
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(Chemistry) (modifier, no longer in technical usage) of, consisting of, or containing any of eight isomeric forms of the monovalent group C5H11-: amyl group or radical. See also pentyl
[C19: from Latin: amylum]
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(ˈæm ɪl, ˈeɪ mɪl)

any of several univalent, isomeric groups with the formula C5H11. Also called pentyl .
[1840–50; < Greek ámyl(on) starch (see amylo-) + -yl, with haplology of am(yl)-yl]
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Noun1.amyl - a hydrocarbon radical that occurs in many organic compounds
chemical group, radical, group - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
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I've only known one who could stop an attack, and he knocked me sideways with nitrite of amyl. Funny complaint in other ways; raises your spirits, if anything.
I had obtained good results in such cases by the inhalation of nitrite of amyl, and the present seemed an admirable opportunity of testing its virtues.
In a stagnant world of Auto-Tune and SoundCloud clout comes a breeze of fresh air with a hint of amyl nitrite.
(E)-2-Hexenal (17.68%), Vinly amyl carbinol (18.60%) and Germacrene-D (8.25%) have been determined in lower elevation and (E)-2-Hexenal (16.87%), Vinly amyl carbinol (12.85%) and Germacrene-D (7.78%) in upper elevation for Phlomis pungens var.
For example, when amyl acetate, which provides the dominate note of banana flavour, is distilled from actual bananas with a solvent, it is a natural flavour.
Although early use of amyl nitrate and hyperbaric oxygen shows some benefit in literature, supportive care remains the mainstay of treatment.
Among other notables, the ceremony was also attended by Consulate General of Switzerland, Amyl Washy.
And officers have also said they will adopt a zero tolerance policy towards substances such as poppers (amyl nitrate) and laughing gas at this weekend's Wickerman Festival.
With the dosage of 0.1% ethyl glycolic propyl glycolic butyl glycolic amyl glycolic hexyl glycolic and decyl glycolic can depress the saturation vapor pressure lower than that of gasoline among which decyl glycolic is the most effective one.
Knezevic, "The Candida rugosa lipase catalyzed synthesis of amyl isobutyrate in organic solvent and solvent-free system: a kinetic study," Journal of Molecular Catalysis B, vol.
"The alkylation unit number 1 and TAME (tertiary amyl methyl ether, used to oxygenate gasoline) are down due to operational problems in Cardon.