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Of, relating to, or resembling starch; starchy.


(Chemistry) of or resembling starch


(ˌæm əˈleɪ ʃəs)

like starch; starchy.
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Adj.1.amylaceous - resembling starch
starchy - consisting of or containing starch; "starchy foods"
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Low forests * Production of pellets (Densification) Eucaliptus, poplar, * Production of briquettes (Densification) willow) * Generation of Syngas (gasification) * Charcoal (pyrolysis) Sugar crops * Production of fuel alcohol (Fermentation) Cane, beet) Amylaceous crops * Production of biodiesel (Esterification (corn, wheat) and/or transesterification) Oleaginous crops * Production of biodiesel (Esterification (Soy, sunflower, and/or transesterification) palm oil) * Production of biogas (Biodigestion) Figure 2 Consumption and production of pellets by country (Mton).
64,595; Lot 11: Milling products, Starch and amylaceous products, Min.
It can be noted that the activation energy of sunflower grains is lower than that of wheat and adzuki beans, a behavior related to the more unstable bond of the water with the chemical compounds of the sunflower, since it is an oilseed crop, unlike wheat and beans, which are amylaceous and proteinaceous-amylaceous, respectively.
fermentum have also been reported from different tropical amylaceous fermented foods, further supporting the role of LAB in amylolysis and lactic acid production [31].
Amylaceous seeds generally present higher longevity in comparison to oil seeds (FACHINELLO et al., 2005), as the pecan ones.