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Conversion of starch to sugars by the action of enzymes or acids.

am′y·lo·lyt′ic (-lō-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.amylolytic - of or related to the process of amylolysis
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The third part (10 mL of rumen fluid) was used for variable bacteria counts (cellulolytic, proteolytic, and amylolytic) using the roll-tube technique [20].
Five bacterial groups were selected and classified according to their metabolic ability: bacteria capable of producing lactic acid (lactic acid bacteria) and those capable of degrading cellulose (cellulolytic bacteria), lipids (lipolytic bacteria), proteins (proteolytic bacteria) or starches (amylolytic bacteria).
Molecular technique for yeast strain that was containing amylolytic, cellulolytic, and a-glucosidase enzymes was constructed (30).
According to T.Ashokvardhan; it was found that among the 25 Actinomycetes, 96% (24 strains) were amylolytic, 88% were proteolytic and 44% (11 strains) exhibited lipolytic activity 55, Payal found that during primary screening, a total of 8090% isolates showed cellulase activity 8, Mohanta, found 18% isolates as cellulase producing organism (47).
Digestive proteolytic and amylolytic activities of Helicoverpa armigera in response to feeding on different soybean cultivars.
Protozoa are competing for substrate with amylolytic bacteria, and protozoa ferment starch more slowly than amylolytic bacteria (Owens et al., 1998; Nagaraja et al., 1992), resulting in reduced rumen starch digestibility and pushing starch digestion to the intestines (Mendoza et al., 1993).
Nowadays the enzymes from hyperthermophiles are widely used in industries (Sabir et al., 2017) and especially are replacing the use of other amylolytic enzymes in starch industry.
cerevisiae: For determination of amylolytic activity, 1g nutrient broth (NB), 2g agar, 1g starch were used to prepare the amylase media plates.
Segura-Campos, "Nutritional, amylolytic enzymes inhibition and antioxidant properties of bread incorporated with Stevia rebaudiana," International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, vol.
These groups of microorganisms account for the soil functional diversity and are directly associated with its health and fertility (i.e., cellulolytic, proteolytic, amylolytic, phosphate solubilizers, nitrogen-fixing bacteria with glucose as a carbon source, nitrogen-fixing bacteria with malate as a carbon source, Actinobacteria, total fungi, and heterotrophic bacteria).
Guyot, "Kinetic growth parameters of different amylolytic and non-amylolytic lactobacillus strains under various salt and pH conditions," Bioresource Technology, vol.