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Conversion of starch to sugars by the action of enzymes or acids.

am′y·lo·lyt′ic (-lō-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.amylolytic - of or related to the process of amylolysis
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Most Bacteroidetes stains are hemicellulolytic, proteolytic or amylolytic bacteria (Marais et al.
Amylolytic and cellulolytic activities in the crystalline style and the digestive diverticulae of the freshwater bivalve Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas, 1771).
Preliminary screenings of amylolytic activity of LAB isolates were tested in the starch agar plates.
In addition, the quality of the wort obtained from laboratory-scale mashing trials was analyzed, particularly with regard to cytolytic, proteolytic and amylolytic properties.
The bioconversion and nutrient enrichment of the agro-industrial wastes through fermentation has not been exhaustively explored through animal experimentation especially in the solid substrate fermentation technique using a consortium of lactic acid bacteria and amylolytic fungi [8].
Formation and measurement of starch that survives exhaustive digestion with amylolytic Enzymes during the determination of dietary fiber.
1993, "Characterization of microbial biomasses and amylolytic preparations obtained from mussel processing waste treatment," Bioresource Technol.
So, in cereal richer in proteins, amylolytic activity decreases.
Lipolytic activity was observed in lipase test medium while it has shown a positive proteolytic and negative amylolytic activity.
However, adding exogenous enzymes, with amylolytic activity, to low-starch dairy rations increased the digestibility of the forage fraction of the diet.
Amylolytic enzyme-producing micro-organisms are used for a continuous single-step hydrolysis production of a generic fermentation medium.
This study thus explored the potential application of potato peel waste and starch in combination with an amylolytic bacterial consortium for Cl[O.