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Noun1.amyotrophia - progressive wasting of muscle tissues
atrophy, wasting away, wasting - a decrease in size of an organ caused by disease or disuse
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Four significant abalone diseases have emerged over the past several decades and include withering syndrome (WS), ganglioneuritis (and the related amyotrophia), vibriosis, and shell deformities (sabellidosis).
Muscles of the shoulder girdle exhibited moderate amyotrophia, which was more severe in the lower third of the medial portion of the forearm.
Asymmetric paresis and amyotrophia appeared within a few days, with the concomitant decrease in pain.
Even critics who refused to engage with Minne's challenging sculptural language, such as Hevesi, who characterized the kneeling youths as "pathetic figures [...] who suckled the milk of seven scanty cows and who are composed of nothing but hollow bones and [suffer from] amyotrophia" ("Aus der Sezession" 293), could not deny their raw emotional and spiritual power.
(Maxi suffers from amyotrophia He has been confined to a wheelchair for 10 years now and paints with all his remaining energy.
ABSTRACT This experiment was designed to evaluate the genetic resistance to amyotrophia of Japanese abalone (Haliotis discus discus) under a mixed rearing environment.

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