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1. The representation of someone as existing or something as happening in other than chronological, proper, or historical order.
2. One that is out of its proper or chronological order, especially a person or practice that belongs to an earlier time: "A new age had plainly dawned, an age that made the institution of a segregated picnic seem an anachronism" (Henry Louis Gates, Jr.).

[French anachronisme, from New Latin anachronismus, from Late Greek anakhronismos, from anakhronizesthai, to be an anachronism : Greek ana-, ana- + Greek khronizein, to take time (from khronos, time).]

a·nach′ro·nis′tic, a·nach′ro·nous (-nəs) adj.
a·nach′ro·nis′ti·cal·ly, a·nach′ro·nous·ly adv.
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Adv.1.anachronistically - in an anachronistic manneranachronistically - in an anachronistic manner; "let's look at this phenomenon anachronistically"
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In the 1996 "Phantom" feature, Billy Zane anachronistically carries a brace of Arcadia Machine & Tool (AMT) Flardballers.
Of all the films with anachronistically modern values, none perhaps is greater than The Shop Around the Corner.
Today, however, there are fears of anachronistically located and ill-designed parking lots in the few green spaces left across the city, which would negate what Baguio once stood for: harmony between nature and human architecture.
Counties have had to do without development programmes after being starved of cash, yet the Fifth Devolution Conference in Kakamega next week is anachronistically themed 'Sustainable, productive, effective and efficient governments for results delivery'.
Belief in the Power of Believe, an audio piece that played throughout the gallery, anachronistically interweaves short excerpts from the ancient Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh with bits of transcribed audio excerpted from the videos the images are sourced from, all read aloud by a robotized female voice.
It is at best a hollow film set - in the tradition of Penrhyn Castle and Citizen Kane's Xanadu - with its parliamentarians wrapped up anachronistically in vellum and sealing wax still.
Jackson and Waltz both phone it in here too, with Waltz offering up his latest slimy, mumbling villain, while Jackson's dialogue sounds anachronistically like he's just strolled out of Pulp Fiction.
The book begins by problematizing several modern theatrical terms that are often used anachronistically by scholars to describe elements of medieval drama.
Wang admits that he uses such ideas anachronistically but unfortunately declines any deeper discussion of method.
And, perhaps somewhat anachronistically, telecommunications companiesAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA likeAaAaAeAeAaAeAe and AT&T may actuallyAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA weather the storm better than their cable satellite brethren, with eMarketer predicting a small amount of growth in the telecom sectorAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA through 2019.
It wasn't a stretch, then, that, those who visited Productronica last month were greeted by an 8' version of a Transformer-like creature that stomped around the foyer like a Star Wars storm trooper, eyes lighting up in cobalt blue as it spoke in mechanical tones, all while a Lionel Richie ballad anachronistically played in the background.