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1. The representation of someone as existing or something as happening in other than chronological, proper, or historical order.
2. One that is out of its proper or chronological order, especially a person or practice that belongs to an earlier time: "A new age had plainly dawned, an age that made the institution of a segregated picnic seem an anachronism" (Henry Louis Gates, Jr.).

[French anachronisme, from New Latin anachronismus, from Late Greek anakhronismos, from anakhronizesthai, to be an anachronism : Greek ana-, ana- + Greek khronizein, to take time (from khronos, time).]

a·nach′ro·nis′tic, a·nach′ro·nous (-nəs) adj.
a·nach′ro·nis′ti·cal·ly, a·nach′ro·nous·ly adv.
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Adv.1.anachronistically - in an anachronistic manneranachronistically - in an anachronistic manner; "let's look at this phenomenon anachronistically"
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She sees a gradual movement within early modern literature from residual racial mythologies to an emergent racial "science"--from narratives that often show the socially constructed nature of race to narratives that increasingly emphasize an essentialist view of race (race as something fixed, innate, and, to speak anachronistically, biological).
Under Bill Adams, the only general secretary it's ever had, this somewhat anachronistically named organisation has proved ineffective, both in negotiating improvement in pay and conditions and in establishing employees' rights.
Pic is shot deliberately anachronistically, with costumed actors mixing with non-professionals in a modern landscape.
s agenda in making this case is to challenge interpreters who anachronistically and mistakenly read Gregory as a proponent of Scholastic versions of an Aristotelian doctrine of activities or operations (energeia) (306).
Craig James Hazen introduces the phrase "village Enlightenment" anachronistically and idiosyncratically "to describe the ways in which Americans on a popular level (often, but not always, in rural areas and on the frontier) used traditional Enlightenment ideas in new contexts and in new combinations to construct or validate new religious worldviews" (5-6).
120); anachronistically, the French treasury is said to have 'printed large quantities of paper money' and so exacerbated inflation in Rabelais's day (p.
Physical signs of emotional abuse may include speech disorders, anachronistically infantile behavior or lags in emotional development.
Efforts to make sense of Chinese elite thought before the Opium War foundered, until very recently, upon western scholars' inability to see this thought in its own terms, rather than anachronistically as a functional or dysfunctional prelude to Chinese "modernization" after the Opium War.
Christoph Jamme sees Goethe's use of myth as allegory, as an anachronistically modern system of references, concocting out of ancient myths his poetic statement on the nature of things.
How did such a decent team end up dying under Big Top's anachronistically corny canvas?
In anachronistically summoning a modernist aesthetic, Olson's works often evoke the ghost of industrialism's soot and oil.